AFROTC offers scholarships for cadets participating in AFROTC. More information on AFROTC scholarships and to apply for AFROTC scholarships can be found at

  • All scholarships include $900 annual book allowance.
  • All scholarships include a monthly stipend of amounts that vary based class year.

There are three categories of scholarships:

  • High School Scholarships

  • Enlisted Scholarships

  • In College Scholarships
    • The In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP) is open to AFROTC program college freshmen and sophomores; eligible applicants are nominated for ICSP scholarships by their school's AFROTC detachment commander. Nominees are rank-ordered based on their leadership ability, grades, fitness and overall participation in the AFROTC program. HQ AFROTC makes the final decision and awards scholarships. The nomination deadlines are established by HQ AFROTC.

For additional information on Financial Aid at Auburn University, see these helpful links:

Scholarship FAQs

How do I know what to do when I get to Auburn University?  When does AFROTC start?

First and foremost, congratulations on receiving a high school scholarship.  You are one of the few selected to start the AFROTC with such an amazing financial award!  The Recruiting Flight Commander will receive your contact information from Headquarters once you declare that you are attending Auburn University and you accept your scholarship.  From there, register for the soonest Camp War Eagle session you can to get first dibs on class registration!  While you are at Camp War Eagle, it is a great time to stop by the Detachment to meet the Recruiting Flight Commander, take a tour, and get additional questions answered.

At CWE sessions, registered students will be invited to attend AFROTC New Student Orientation which will take place just prior to the start of school.  It is mandatory for scholarship recipients and optional (but highly encouraged) for all others.  This packet of information will tell you everything you need to bring in order to contract you with the Air Force during New Student Orientation. 

How do I receive my monthly stipend and textbook refund?

As a scholarship cadet, your monthly stipend starts when you contract with the Air Force. This stipend amount varies depending on your academic year. In addition, cadets on scholarship receive about $450 per semester for textbooks. You'll need to have an active bank account in order for the Air Force to directly deposit both of these allowances in your account.

Does the scholarship pay for room and board?

No, the scholarship does not pay your room and board.

As a scholarship cadet, what should my parents do if they receive a tuition bill?

First, don't panic! Quite often it takes time for all the paperwork to catch up and you may receive a bill showing you owe money.  Simply bring it into the Air Force detachment and we will take care of it.

If I have an ROTC scholarship, is it possible to change my academic major?

Yes, but it's difficult and should be attempted only after a lot of thought and with a valid reason. The Air Force offers scholarships only in specific majors.

Last Updated: Dec. 01, 2014

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