The Veterans2Construction Program

Veterans2Construction Program Veterans2Construction Program

Mission: The mission of Veterans2Construction to reduce veteran’s unemployment by assisting veterans separating from the military to find careers in the construction industry.

Solving Two Problems: America’s veterans are looking for meaningful employment and career opportunities as they leave the military. Construction companies across America are looking for motivated, talented, and reliable employees to work on their projects. Additionally, over the next decade, the construction industry must begin to replace its aging work force in the skilled trades such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers and is seeking to recruit candidates into these fields. The Veterans2Construction program works to solve both of these problems by assisting veterans to pursue careers in the construction industry.

The Construction Industry Wants Veterans: Construction companies see veterans as highly attractive job candidates because veterans possess the following traits: intelligence, strong work ethic, mission focus, dependability, discipline, team orientation, trainable, and safety conscious.

The Construction Industry Has Excellent Career Opportunities!! Between now and 2020, the construction industry is expected to create almost 1 million new jobs. The Veterans2Construction program is structured to assist veterans to pursue five careers paths within the construction field:

  • Entry Level Construction Positions
  • Field Engineers Positions
  • Skilled Trade Positions
  • Project Management—Bachelors Degree Option
  • Project Management—Masters Degree Options

The Veterans2Construction Approach: Veterans2Construction is a program that works to assist veterans to pursue careers in the construction industry as well as to assist construction companies to find motivated veterans as potential job candidates. The Veterans2Construction program does so by:

  • Providing information to veterans on career opportunities in construction.
  • Providing information to veterans regarding training opportunities in construction.
  • Developing a pool of highly qualified veteran job candidates.
  • Recruiting a network of construction companies interested in hiring veterans.
  • Linking veteran job candidates with interested construction companies to provide employment opportunities for veterans. Partner firms provide high level points of contact for veterans in the Veterans2Construction program to contact which gives participating veterans much higher visibility with company decision makers and greatly increases their chances of being hired.

Web Site and FaceBook: Visit our web site,, and our Facebook page, for information on construction career opportunities for veterans.


Let us help you find a career in the construction industry!

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