Guidelines For Submission of Distance Learning Syllabus
to the University Curriculum Committee


To Add a Distance Version of an Existing or New Course:

  1. Submit one course request form to add a distance version of an existing course. Include existing course number and the distance version number, e.g., MATL 6750/6756.

  2. Provide a copy of the current and/ or proposed syllabus.

  3. Provide a brief response to the following issues.


Address the issue of on‑campus prerequisites.

Course Content:

Provide schedule (weekly or daily) of meetings (to be used to determine if credit hours requested are appropriate) for all 15 weeks of the semester. Explain how the course provides for timely and appropriate interaction between teacher and students.  Provide clear explanations of the nature of meetings (audio, video, and/or computer‑based technologies).  Explain how the technology is appropriate for the nature and objectives of the program.

Course Requirements/Evaluation:

Clarify expectations of student performance, such as papers, quizzes, examinations, presentations, class participation, and field experiences. Lists relative weights for tests, assignments, class participation, unannounced quizzes, and other components that contribute to the final grade.

Pay close attention to explaining how the expectations of the course will be met through the distance learning environment.  Explain how students will have access to libraries, learning centers, and/or laboratories in a manner that facilitates successful completion of the course.

Explain how class participation, if included in evaluation, is to be graded. Be clear about explaining how class participation will occur in a distance learning environment. Indicate whether students will be expected to be on campus for any part of the semester.

Course Policy Statements:

Include policy statements on class‑related matters, such as unannounced quizzes, class attendance/absences, class participation, academic dishonesty, and students with disabilities. Pay particular attention to explaining how these issues will be handled in the distance learning environment.

For answers to questions about the UCC, call (4-4974) or e-mail Kevin Snyder.


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