Seamless Admission Overview

The Seamless Admission program is a one-year pilot program designed to allow students who were not admitted to Auburn University to take their first year of coursework in Auburn as Auburn University at Montgomery students.  After successful completion of 30 semester hours of credit, students who have maintained at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average will be eligible to transfer to Auburn University.  For Auburn University programs with additional admissions requirements, students who transfer as part of this program will be required to meet those requirements.

Facts in Brief

  • This year’s pilot program will be limited to 100 students on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The primary target audience is the student who applied to Auburn University but was not admitted.  These students desire a four-year college experience at a traditional campus such as Auburn University.  Once notified by AU that he or she is eligible for the Seamless Admission program, the student applies to AUM and includes a copy of his/her admission status letter from Auburn University.  There is no application fee at Auburn Montgomery.  The Auburn Montgomery Admissions Office works with the Auburn University Admissions Office to obtain transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, etc.  Thus, students are not required to resend documents submitted during the AU application process.
  • Only students who score high enough on the ACT/SAT in math and English or on math/English placement tests can be admitted to the Seamless Admission program.  Lower scoring students requiring remediation will be offered admission to the Montgomery campus and placed in courses offering additional assistance designed to help them succeed.
  • The coursework provided by Auburn Montgomery will consist of state-approved freshman-level general education core courses in areas such as English composition, history, fine arts, mathematics, and science, among others.
  • The coursework will transfer seamlessly to Auburn University upon successful completion of the freshman year and will be applied to the student’s graduation requirements at Auburn University.
  • Classes will be offered on the Auburn University campus beginning after 3:00 p.m. and extending into the evening.
  • Classes also may be taken on the Auburn Montgomery campus.
  • Classes will be taught by AUM faculty members, AU faculty members, AU graduate students, or adjunct faculty members drawn from the Auburn area.
  • Students participating in the program who choose to live in Montgomery will be eligible for Auburn Montgomery housing.
  • Students participating in this program who choose to live in Auburn will not be eligible for Auburn University housing, although this issue will be revisited once the Village complex comes on line.
  • Auburn Montgomery will provide a one-day orientation for Seamless Admission students July 17 and July 18 on the Auburn University campus.
  • Seamless Admission students are eligible for financial aid.  The Auburn Montgomery Financial Aid Office will assist students with this process.
  • Seamless Admission students pay all relevant AUM fees.  They also pay the AU Tiger Transit Fee, AU Student Union Fee, AU Student Activities Fee, and AU Parking Fee (optional) to AUM, which then remits the fees back to AU.  Seamless Admission students will also pay fees for AU services (printing, pharmacy, meal plans, etc.) and any fines they incur on the Auburn campus.
  • As of April 17, 2008:
    • 194 applications have been received for the Seamless Admission program
    • 76 students have been fully admitted to the program
    • 50 applications are incomplete (awaiting high school transcripts, etc.)
    • 66 applicants are awaiting math and/or English placement testing before being fully admitted
    • 2 applications have been withdrawn

Expected Benefits

  • Auburn Montgomery will receive additional tuition revenue from those admitted to Seamless Admission at a time when state funding is being reduced.
  • Seamless Admission also will allow AUM to market to students not selected for the program.  They will be offered admission on the Montgomery campus and may transfer to AU once they complete 30 semester hours and meet all extant AU requirements for transfer.
  • Seamless Admission will facilitate interaction between AU and AUM faculty, which should increase cooperative teaching, research and outreach efforts between the two AU campuses.
  • Seamless Admission transfer students should help alleviate the decrease of approximately 300 students from the freshman to the sophomore year at AU.
  • Building utilization will increase on the Auburn campus at times when facilities currently have lower utilization rates.
  • The program will provide a predictable and reliable source of financial support for AU graduate students, assisting AU departments in increasing the number of graduate students admitted on the Auburn campus.
  • Seamless Admission will provide an alternative mechanism for students from second and third generation Auburn families to realize their dream of attending Auburn University.



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