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Study Partners Coordinator

Ms. Tamara Bowden (originally from Athens, Georgia, now living in Auburn) is the Study Partners coordinator and has been with the program for about 15 years. She also teaches university classes such as The Auburn Experience, Success Stategies, and The College Experience. During her time at Auburn, she has developed and works daily with the Academic Support Technology Team.

Ms. Tamara can be reached at: bowdetm@auburn.edu






SP Graduate Assistant

Hollyn is a graduate student in the Rehabilitation Counseling Program. She is from Jackonville, Florida and plans to get a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. An interesting fact is that she loves to ride horses, and she wants to work as a counselor in the criminal justice system.







Outreach Graduate Assistant

Brittany is a graduate student from Birmingham, Alabama getting her phD in Math. An interesting fact about her is that she taught herself to play the bass guitar.








Desk Supervisor

Amy is a senior from Hope Hull, Alabama majoring in Accounting. After graduation, she plans on attending the Masters of Accountancy program here at Auburn University. An interesting fact about Amy is that she went zip-lining through the rain forest of Costa Rica in summer 2013. Advice she would give to those seeking success would be to keep an up-to-date planner/calendar with all upcoming events and tests.






Austin Ce.

Tutor Supervisor

Austin is a senior from Madison, Alabama majoring in Pre-Optometry. After graduation, he plans on attending UAB's School of Optometry. An interesting fact about him is that he has a 100% win record as a powderpuff football coach (1-0). A time management technique he uses is anytime you have a gap between classes, use it to review notes or do homework.







AS Tech Director

Ellie is a senior from Franklin, Tennessee majoring in Exercise Science. After graduation, she plans on attending Occupational Therapy school. An interesting fact about Ellie is that she broke her hand going down a slip-n-slide one time. Advice she would give to a student to help them be more successful is to not wait until your in trouble in a class to ask for help.







Tutor Supervisor

Philly is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama majoring in Mechanical Engineering.







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