Management Team

Tamara Bowden

Study Partners Coordinator









Ms. Tamara Bowden (originally from Athens, Georgia, now living in Auburn) is the Study Partners coordinator and has been with the program for about 15 years. She also teaches university classes such as The Auburn Experience, Success Stategies, and The College Experience. During her time at Auburn, she has developed and works daily with the Academic Support Technology Team.

Ms. Tamara can be reached at:



Amy Shaw

SP Graduate Assistant









Amy is a graduate student in the Masters of Accountancy program from Hope Hull, AL. Amy graduated Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting in May 2015. To be a successful student, she recommends that you always go to class and to get to know your professors by asking questions and attending office hours.

Amy can be reached at:


Adam Gurley

Training Supervisor









Adam is a senior from Dunnavant, Alabama double majoring in Accounting and Finance while minoring in Spanish. An interesting fact about Adam is that every time he eats Chick Fil A breakfast he gets sick, but he continues to go there constantly to get his chicken biscuit. He finds that if you can get away from a tv and daily distractions you will be more likely to recall what you studied.



Hunter McClain

Desk Supervisor










Hunter is a senior from Jupiter, Florida majoring in Business Administration. An interesting fact about him is that he has lived in eight different states.


Kassi Keiper

Tutor Supervisor













Morgan Evans

AS Tech Director










Morgan is a senior from Salem, Alabama majoring in Applied Mathmatics. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to pursue a MBA.



Rehman Qureshi

Tutor Supervisor











Support Staff

Kelsey Halla

AsTech Assistant Director


Kristen Warman

Training Assistant

Will Hurst

Academic Support Staff

Matt Hultstrand

AsTech Assistant

Baylor Bishop

Training Assistant




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