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Lead Tutor

Austin is a junior from Madison, Alabama majoring in Biomedical Science. After graduation, he would like to attend Optometry School. Three study strategies that have helped Austin perform well in classes are study at least three days before each test, find a study partner in your class, and find your best study environment and only study in it.






Outreach Leader

Ben is a junior from Raleigh, North Carolina majoring in Biochemistry. An interesting fact about him is that he has completed 2 triathalons. His best time management technique would be to schedule breaks between homework and studying.







Brittany is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama majoring in Mathematics. An interesting fact about her is that she taught herself to play bass guitar. Three study strategies are to do the suggested problems, use office hours, and takes notes in class.






Focus Group

Christina is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama majoring in Psychology. After graduation she plans to attend graduate school and get her PHD. An interesting fact about Christina is that she loves to travel outside of the United States. Her favorite class so far in college is Leadership.






Focus Group









Asst. AS Tech Director

Kelsey is a freshman from Gurley, Alabama, majoring in pre-Architecure. She hopes to find work on the Gulf after graduation. An interesting fact about Kelsey is that she goes out of the country at least once a year and plans to live in the Caribbean or Australia at one point in her lifetime.






Lead Tutor

Lillie is a senior from Huntsville, Alabama, majoring in Pre-Dentistry. She plans to go to Dental school after graduation. Three study strategies that have helped Lillie perform well in class are: show up in class and take notes, read book and take notes, work practice problems.






Lead Tutor

Neleigh is a junior from Hoover, Alabama majoring in Math Education. After graduation, she plans on becoming a Middle School math teacher. An interesting fact about Neleigh is that she is going to be conversationally fluent in Spanish by the time she graduates. Advice she would give to a student to help them be more successful is to talk to your professors; most of them really want to help you.






Projects Leader

Sam is a junior from Hoover, AL, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. An interesting fact about him is that he once lived in Egypt! Sam describes his best time management technique as syncing his phone and computer calendar. The three best study strategies that have helped him perform well in class are: write study guides, type notes, and do the homework.





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