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Austin is a junior from Madison, Alabama majoring in Biomedical Science. After graduation, he would like to attend Optometry School. Three study strategies that have helped Austin perform well in classes are study at least three days before each test, find a study partner in your class, and find your best study environment and only study in it.






Cassandra is a senior from Yorba Linda, California majoring in Animal Sciences. An interesting fact about her is that she has a passion for horses and competes with her own horse on a national level. Advice she would give to a student that would help them be more successful is to make connections with the people you meet, especially professors.






Christian is a junior from Auburn, Alabama majoring in Economics. After graduation Christian plans to attend law school after gaining some work experience. On campus he is invovled in the Graduate Outreach Program as well as Study Partners.







Claire is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama majoring in International Business and French. Interesting facts about Claire are that her favorite candy is sour patch kids and her favorite snack is popcorn.







Daniela is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama majoring in Biomedical Sciences. After graduation, she plans on doing Teach for America. An interesting fact about Daniela is that she has a pet bunny named Garfield. On campus, she is involved as an FIP Director, Involvement Ambassador, Vice President of COSAM, Challenge fellow, and Assistant Director of The Challenge: Summit Conference. Her best time management technique is to make a list of all the things you have to do in order of the most time consuming to least and do the things at the top of the list first and check them off.





Jake is a senior from Nashville, TN majoring in Political Science and Economics. After graduation, he plans on attending Law school. An interesting fact about Jake is that he was named after the John Wayne movie "Big Jake". Advice he would give to a student to help them be more successful is to not fall behind; if you start to get overwhelmed, don't panic, help is available.





Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth is a junior from Hoover, Alabama majoring in Actuarial Science. After graduation, she plans on getting a job for an insurance company. An interesting fact about Mary Elizabeth is that she studied abraod in France this past summer. Advice she would give to a student to help them be more successful is to study a little every day for each class.






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