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Mentoring FAQs
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Interested in becoming a Faculty Mentor? Complete the Mentor Expectation form and submit to Donna Sollie, Assistant Provost for Women's Initiatives, 310 Mary Martin Hall

Suggested Tasks for Mentors

  • Acquaint new faculty member with department and institutional culture (e.g., institutional procedures, computing, budgeting, working with graduate students).

  • Take the initiative in contacting the mentee, and set up regular meetings.

  • Listen and ask questions.

  • Help mentee with time management, and establishing priorities.

  • Acquaint new faculty with expectations for performance in research, teaching, extension/professional practice, and service.

  • Help the faculty member develop a professional network.

  • Share information about professional opportunities internal and external to the university (funding sources, potential collaborators, publication outlets).

  • Review research for the new faculty member.

  • Help the new faculty member establish a research focus.

  • Visit new faculty member’s classrooms and/or laboratories if requested.

  • Share information about academic and student support services on campus.

  • Discuss effective instructional techniques.

  • Provide guidance for documenting activities and professional achievements.

  • Assist new faculty member with annual and mid-tenure reviews.

  • Assist faculty member with long-term career goals and short-term objectives.

  • Provide opportunities for collaborative research and projects.

  • Serve as a sounding board for the new faculty member.

  • Maintain confidentiality of information shared by the new faculty member.

  • Help mentee make contacts.