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Mentoring FAQs
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Interested in becoming a Faculty Mentee? Complete the Mentee Expectation form and submit to Donna Sollie, Assistant Provost for Women's Initiatives, 310 Mary Martin Hall

Suggested Tasks for Mentees

  • Make a commitment to participate in a mentoring program.

  • Meet with and listen with an open mind to advice given by the mentor.

  • Be willing to voice and explain concerns.

  • Keep mentor informed of academic progress, difficulties, and concerns.

  • Exchange ideas and experiences with mentor.

  • Seek out established faculty members as mentors to address specific needs.

  • Weigh and judge advice and follow up as appropriate.

  • Avail oneself of opportunities for professional growth in teaching, research, and service.

  • Take responsibility for judging the appropriate course of action for career advancement.

  • Seek help and support when needed.