UNIV1150: Special Topics with Learning Strategies

Special Topics with Learning Strategies is offered as a one- or two-credit hour elective course that provides opportunities for first-year students to explore issues related to a specific theme (depending upon the section taken) through discussion, activities, reading, writing, teamwork, and community service - all of which will be centered on the theme of the specific section. Application of study strategies as they relate to the theme will be practiced.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Will demonstrate understanding and critical thinking skills surrounding the course theme.
  • Will demonstrate awareness of the effects of personal choices with respect to the course theme.
  • Will examine cultural differences and diversity among people, with emphasis on cross-cultural interaction and its impact on issues of the course theme.
  • Will demonstrate awareness of the structure and mission of a research university.
  • Will demonstrate knowledge of academic policies and procedures.
  • Will demonstrate knowledge of student services and academic resources.
  • Will demonstrate application of academic and study strategies discussed in class.
  • Will demonstrate critical thinking skills through a variety of assignments involving reading, writing, speaking, and research.
  • Will examine issues that influence the learning process such as goal setting, motivation, and personal attitude.

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Last Updated: March 26, 2012

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