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Do I have to know everything about Auburn to be selected as a Camp War Eagle Counselor or SOS Orientation Leader?

“No, no, no. One think that's great about working in the First Year Experience office is that you are CONSTANTLY learning new things about Auburn. You learn everything you need to know for sessions during training, and you find yourself wanting to know things that aren't required of you just for fun. I was constantly asking questions about things I didn't know or that I was curious about. You learn something new everyday!” – Christine Mitchell, SOS Orientation Leader

“You definitely do not have to know everything about Auburn University to be selected as a CWE counselor. However, you should have a passion to serve Auburn and a willingness to learn. In the spring, you will meet once a week for training. The purpose of spring training is for you to learn everything you need to know about Auburn and the CWE program in order to be a successful counselor!” – Allison Childress

“No, you do not have to know everything or even close to everything about Auburn to be selected as a CC or SOS leader. However, you must have the drive to learn as much as you can about Auburn so that you can be an ambassador for the university”. – Greyson Breal

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Do I have to be extraverted and super energetic in order to be a CC, PC or OL?

“Not at all! There is a wide range of personalities among the CCs, PCs, and OLs. That is one of the things that makes being a part of this organization so great! You just need a love for Auburn and a willingness to share that love and pride for your school with the new students. “ -Payton Day, SOS Orientation Leader

“Of course not; some of our best counselors and leaders were the ones who necessarily weren't the most outgoing or super energetic. We all have our own unique set of skills and characteristics that make us who we are, and you certainly do not need to change that in order to be a CWE counselor. One of the things I loved most about CWE was just how diverse our group of counselors really was. From extreme extroverts and introverts to those kind of in the middle, we all worked so well together because of the vast range of personality traits and skills in our group” – John Ahn

“Definitely not! I'm definitely an introvert, and I was nervous about that when I applied. However, I wasn't the only one with that concern. Staff understands that lots of personality types are needed to make the best possible team. As long as you genuinely want to help the students and parents become oriented to Auburn, you will find a place on the team whether you have a huge personality or a quieter one.” – Betsy Dean

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Can I be a CWE Counselor or SOS Orientation Leder if I have never been involved in any other organizations at Auburn?

“Definitely not! Going into my interview, I was worried, because I wasn't involved in any organizations my freshman year at Auburn. However, throughout the interview process, I felt I was being evaluated on my passion for Auburn. I realized that my resume wasn't as important as my desire to serve future Auburn students. I would say try out whether you've been in 100 different organizations or you're just getting your feet wet into what leadership at Auburn has to offer!” – Serra Freshwater, SOS Orientation Leader

“Being a CWE counselor or SOS leader is a perfect opportunity to get plugged in on campus if you never have before. A person in this position is someone with a good personality fit with the job criteria, not a strong resume backing it up. I encourage anyone to apply regardless of a lack in prior campus involvement!” – Sam Colyer

“Of course! When I tried out for Camp War Eagle, I wasn't really involved in other organizations on campus. The great thing about Camp War Eagle is that you don't have to be super involved, you just have to have a love and willingness to serve Auburn University.” – Breanna Hollaway

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Will I be able to be involved in other organizations if I am selected for CWE or SOS?

“Definitely so! I'm currently an SOS Orientation Leader, taking sixteen hours, serving as the Vice President for one campus organization and the Assistant Vice President for another, and I have a part time on-campus job. I have to be really good about planning out my week and using my free time wisely, but I'm still able to do everything I want on campus and have time to study. I wouldn't change the experience I've had with SOS for anything!” – Taylor Prouty, SOS Orientation Leader

“You may be involved in anything else you want, as long as you honor your CWE/SOS commitments. Training will be time consuming, so plan accordingly if you are serious about either counselor position.” – Austin Cecil

“You can definitely balance Camp War Eagle with other involvement or a heavy course load. One thing that a lot of people have said and I agree with is that you need to treat Camp Training like an extra class. If you can manage your time, you should still be able to be involved in other things during the spring. In the Summer, however, you need to prepare for CWE to have all of your attention and efforts during the actual sessions.” – Austin Lacy

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What are the judges or staff looking for in a CC, PC or OL?

Be yourself! Don’t assume that the judges and staff are only looking for a certain type of person to make up CWE and SOS. Be you and not who you think the judges want to see!

Ultimately, staff is looking for a student who is passionate about Auburn and wants to share that passion with incoming freshmen, transfers, or parents. They want people who are genuine in their interview and show a relentless passion to help better Auburn University.

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What should I wear for my interview?

For Round 1, we ask that you wear Business Casual. Men: trousers/khakis and a shirt with a collar. Women: trousers/knee-length skirt and a blouse or shirt with a collar. No jeans or athletic wear, please. For Round 2, OLs and PCs will wear Business Casual and CCs should follow instructions on application.

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