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Do I have to know everything about Auburn to be selected as a Camp War Eagle Counselor or SOS Orientation Leader?

“Not at all! You'll learn the important information during training after you are selected! However, if you are applying, you should have a strong passion for Auburn, and when training begins, you will need to be willing to devote some personal time to learning all of the interesting facts, stories, and legends of our great school.” - Blake Enfinger, SOS Orientation Leader

“No, you do not have to know everything about Auburn for your interview to be a part of Camp War Eagle or SOS.  During spring training, they will be teaching you all of this information in bits and pieces so that you will be ready for summer!” - Grace Christian, CWE Parent Counselor

“You absolutely do not have to know everything about Auburn before your interview! They don’t expect you to know everything. If you are selected, you will learn all of that with spring training. Trust me! Just make sure you are capable of talking about yourself and why you want to be a PC, CC, or OL.” - Taylor Akers, CWE Camp Counselor

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What should I wear for my interview?

For Round 1, we ask that you wear Business Casual. Men: trousers/khakis and a shirt with a collar. Women: trousers/knee-length skirt and a blouse or shirt with a collar. No jeans or athletic wear, please. For Round 2, OLs and PCs will wear Business Casual and CCs should follow instructions on application.

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Will I be able to be involved in other organizations if I am selected for CWE or SOS?

“Yes, it is very possible to be involved in other organizations at the same time! I was part of multiple organizations during my time as an Orientation Leader and was able to manage my time without any problems.” - Kristen Lindell, SOS Orientation Leader

“You can certainly be involved in other organizations alongside Camp War Eagle or SOS! There are lots of time commitments associated with Camp War Eagle such as skit practices, weekly training sessions, and study time for Auburn Knowledge tests, but good time management will enable you to participate in other organizations as well.” - Anna Lee Harbison, CWE Parent Counselor

“Absolutely. Camp War Eagle is certainly not a time commitment to take lightly, but if you are able to prioritize and manage time well, you should have time to devote to other activities as well. Going through CWE training while taking 18 hours of engineering classes and playing a club sport on top of other things made the spring challenging, but also taught me a lot about time management. It is definitely possible to be involved in multiple other organizations, but there might be times where you are a little envious of your fellow counselors who have a little less on their plates.” - Ryan Walker, CWE Camp Counselor

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Do I have to be extraverted and super energetic in order to be a CC, PC or OL?

“Not necessarily - CCs, PCs and OLs have personalities all across the spectrum! It is expected for you to be enthusiastic and eager to both learn and lead in each position, but being an overly extroverted person is not a requirement.” - Mary Catherine Banister, SOS Orientation Leader

“Not at all! What's great about SOS and Camp War Eagle is that they want you just as you are. This program will grow you in ways you didn't even know you needed growth in!” - Meagan Campbell, CWE Parent Counselor

“No, all Counselors and Orientation Leaders are different and that creates a cohesive group. No matter if you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert, you can be a great CC, PC or OL with a genuine desire to serve students and parents.” - Sarah Kelly, CWE Camp Counselor

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Do I have to be involved in multiple other organizations if I want to be a Camp War Eagle Counselor or SOS Orientation Leader?

“You don’t have to be involved in multiple organizations! That’s the beauty of being able to work in the First Year Experience office! They want to see your character and passion to be an orientation leader, not just your resume.” - Megan Eldridge, SOS Orientation Leader

“No, all you really need is a true love for Auburn and a passion to help incoming students!” - Emily Higgins, CWE Parent Counselor

“This is a common misconception. Camp War Eagle was the very first organization I was involved in on campus, so it is completely possible to do it without being involved anywhere else.” - Alex Matthews, CWE Camp Counselor

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Can I be a CWE Counselor or SOS Orientation Leder if I have never been involved in any other organizations at Auburn?

“Absolutely! Campus involvement starts at different places for everyone, and the FYE office is a great place to start if you haven’t been involved elsewhere. The experience itself can propel you into different organizations, and the networking from all of the incredible people you will meet is a nice perk as well!” - Kayla Hatch, SOS Orientation Leader

“It is great to have previous leadership experience as a Camp Counselor, but it is not a requirement. Working with organizations on-campus can be valuable, but we all brought to the table skills from our diverse backgrounds. It was never a competition for who had the longest resumé but it was about who truly could give all they had to being the best possible counselor we could be.” - Dillon Nettles, CWE Camp Counselor

“Absolutely! They want counselors who are truly passionate about the freshmen students and want to see them succeed. I would say if that's your passion and nothing else on campus is appealing, then go for it! You're obviously getting involved now, no need for past involvement.” - Rachel McKinnon, CWE Camp Counselor

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What are the judges or staff looking for in a CC, PC or OL?

Be yourself! Don’t assume that the judges and staff are only looking for a certain type of person to make up CWE and SOS. Be you and not who you think the judges want to see!

Ultimately, staff is looking for a student who is passionate about Auburn and wants to share that passion with incoming freshmen, transfers, or parents. They want people who are genuine in their interview and show a relentless passion to help better Auburn University.

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