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What is Study Partners?

Study Partners is Auburn University's official peer tutoring program. It is sponsored by Academic Support, a division of the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Where is Study Partners located?

Study Partners is located in the new Learning Commons on the 2nd floor of the Ralph Draughon Library.

How do I use Study Partners?

To schedule an appointment: use , call 334.844.5702 or stop by the Study Partners Desk in the Learning Commons (2nd floor RBD Library) during our hours of operation.

When is Study Partners open?

Study Partners offers tutoring during Fall and Spring Semesters and is closed over the summer. Beginning Fall 2013, Study Partners is open for one-on-one and group peer tutoring Monday thru Thursday from 12 pm-7 pm and Sunday from 2-7 pm. All tutoring takes place in the Learning Commons (2nd Floor, RBD Library). Study Partners is closed Friday and Saturday.

What can I expect of my Study Partners Tutor?

Every Study Partners' tutor has been highly recommended by at least one AU Faculty member. They must have and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, and each tutor typically made an "A" in the classes they tutor. You can expect confidentiality, respect, patience, and a concentrated effort to aid in your understanding of difficult material. Tutors will help you with study skills, and identify learning obstacles and ways to overcome them. They possess good communication skills, and model successful student behaviors; however, they will not do your homework for you, rescue you, take responsibility for your learning, nor have all the answers to every question.

Are there any key things I should do to maximize my tutoring experience?

In order to maximize your tutoring experience, make sure to have a good attitude. You should always attempt homework and/or assignments ahead of time, aiding you in providing your tutor with info about concepts/problems you experienced. Feel free to review our What To Expect From Tutoring info sheet for more detail.

What does it take to be a Study Partners Tutor or Desk Worker?

To be a Study Partners Tutor or Desk Worker, you must be highly qualified. Study Partners generally hires upper-level undergraduates or graduate students who have displayed a strong academic performance in a particular subject area. Good communication skills, professor recommendations, and a positive attitude are also essential.

How do I apply to be a Study Partners Tutor or Desk Worker?

To apply to be a Study Partners Tutor or Desk Worker, complete and submit the Study Partners Application. Additionally you must request two recommendation letters be sent to:  Tamara Bowden, Study Partners Coordinator, at: Once your application file is complete we will contact you to request an in-person interview IF there is an open tutoring or desk worker position. To find out more information on hiring procedures visit our Potential Employees website. You can also apply for Study Partners here.

How do I recommend a student to work in Study Partners?

Please send a letter of recommendation stating that you support this student’s desire to work in Study Partners to: Tamara Bowden, Study Partners Coordinator, via email ( or mail (0176-Room F, RBD Library, Auburn University, AL 36849)

How much does it cost to visit Study Partners for tutoring?

Study Partners provides tutoring for no charge to all currently enrolled Auburn University undergraduate students in select core courses. Please keep in mind there is a $10 charge added to your Bursar Account for each missed appointment/no-show. You will be notified via e-mail when you miss an appointment.

What if I get charged for an appointment I didn't miss?

For more information about missed appointments please visit our No-Show Fee Penalty page. There is a No-Show Fee Appeal Form that must be filled out within 14 days of the missed appointment in order to have your appeal reviewed, and charge removed, if applicable.

What if I get charged for an appointment that I did miss but have an excuse ?

Only University excuses, according to the Tiger Cub, are acceptable. Please fill out the appeal form. You will be able to upload some appropriate documentation (i.e. doctor's note if sick). You must also bring your original doumentation to the Study Partners Desk during our hours of operation. Please do not call and discuss this with a desk worker as the only way to get the charge removed is to fill out the appeal form online.

What is considered a missed appointment?

A missed appointment is when a student does not show up to their scheduled appointment. If 15 minutes has gone by and the scheduled student has not called, we reserve the right to give the appointment away to a walk-in. This would be considered a no-show and the scheduled student would be charged $10.

How do I make an appointment with Study Partners?

To schedule an appointment, use , call 334.844.5702 or stop by the Study Partners Desk in the Learning Commons (2nd floor RBD Library) during our open hours of operation.

How far in advance may I make a Study Partners appointment?

You may schedule appointments up to two weeks in advance.

What do I do if I want/need to cancel my Study Partners appointment?

To cancel an appointment, use , or call 334.844.5702 or stop by the Study Partners Desk in the Learning Commons (2nd floor RBD Library) during our open hours of operation.


What do I do if I am running late for my Study Partners tutoring appointment?

If you are more than fifteen minutes late we reserve the right to cancel the appointment and fill the time slot with a walk-in. Students are encouraged to call the Study Partners desk (334.844.5702) to inform the desk work of your situation and to avoid being charged $10 for a no-show.

If I do not have an appointment, may I simply walk-in and see a tutor in Study Partners?

Walk-ins are welcome, but they are subject to tutor availability and appointments will take precedence over walk-ins. Please note that although we do encourage you to make an appointment ahead of time, on any given day depending on the course we may have tutors available for a walk-in tutoring session.

What is the difference between having an appointment and being a walk-in?

Having an appointment, notwithstanding an emergency or another unavoidable complication, secures that a tutor for your subject will be at Study Partners and your time slot will be reserved specifically for you. Walk-ins are subject to tutor availability, appointments that are already scheduled, and other walk-ins.

Can I actually lose my privilege to visit Study Partners during the semester?

Only in extreme cases where there has been a disciplinary complaint filed, or you have an outstanding no-show penalty payment duelose will your privilege to visit Study Partners during the semester be taken. However, your Bursar Account will be charged $10 for each appointment missed/not canceled ahead of time.

What do I need to bring with me to my tutoring appointment when I visit Study Partners?

Bring your Auburn University ID, textbook, past homework, current assignment, a list of concepts you are having trouble with, and a good attitude.

If I call or visit on a Sunday or Monday and Study Partners is closed, why would that be?

Beginning Fall 2013, Study Partners is open Monday thru Thursday from 12 pm-7 pm and Sunday from 2-7 pm in the Learning Commons except University holidays, staff training and other special occasions (such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, etc.).  Please feel free to check the Study Partners website for calendar updates.

How do I know if Study Partners tutors a class I am taking?

You may visit the Study Partners website (click on Course List), consult the general tutoring website (, or use .  You may also find out course information by calling 334.844.5702 or stopping by the Study Partners Desk in the Learning Commons (2nd floor RBD Library) during our open hours of operation.

If Study Partners does not tutor a class I am taking what can I do to find assistance?

You may go to the general tutoring website to see if any other department at Auburn University offers tutoring for the class.  It is also a good idea to contact the individual academic department to inquire about additional tutoring options for a specific course.

Why does Study Partners not tutor the class I am enrolled in?

If the tutoring demand for a specific course is low we will most often not have a tutor available. If we do not offer tutoring in a class you need tutoring for please feel free to let the desk worker know. Additionally, although Study Partners’ mission is to provide tutoring in as many undergraduate core classes as possible, at certain times mainly due to budget restraints, we may simply not have a qualified person on staff able to tutor a specific course. 

What other tutoring opportunities are offered on the Auburn University campus?

There are many other tutoring opportunities at Auburn University. Go to to view options for each class.  We also encourage you to contact the individual academic department to inquire about tutoring options for a specific course.

What is SARS?

SARS is Study Partners online appointment system; you may log onto to make or cancel appointments.

What Auburn University department sponsors Study Partners?

Academic Support, a division of the Office of Undergraduate Studies, sponsors Study Partners.

Who do I see if I have an issue with a Study Partners Tutor or Desk Worker?

If there is an issue with a Study Partners tutor or desk worker please contact one of the following: the Study Partners' Coordinator, Tamara Miller Bowden at or (334) 844-4388, or the Study Partners' Graduate Assistant, Amanda Cameron at or (334) 844-5972.

How long will my Study Partners tutoring session last?

Individual tutoring sessions are fifty minutes long and small group tutoring is generally two hours long. All appointments start at the top of the hour.

How often may I visit Study Partners for tutoring?

As long as a tutor is available and we are open, you may visit Study Partners for one session per course per day for individual one-on-one tutoring. You may also attend a group tutoring session on the same day you attend an individual appointment

May I make back to back (or same day) apointments?

Back to back individual appointments or same day appointments for the same course are not allowed; however, if room is available students may attend a group appointment the same day as visiting Study Partners for a one-on-one appointment.

May I bring a friend with me to my individual tutoring appointment?

Absolutely, as long as the friend is in the same class or at least studying the same course topic.

Is it ever too early or late to see a Study Partners Tutor to get help for a test?

It is never too early to see a tutor and you are encouraged to visit Study Partners as soon as you feel you need help in a class. Our tutors will attempt to assist you as much as possible before a test, but there are no guarantees. Tutors cannot help you recover from a semester of slacking off, therefore we suggest you seek help early.

How may I let Study Partners know about my positive and negative experiences in using their tutoring service?

You may go to and complete the Study Partners Evaluation. We encourage you to inform us on a regular basis whether we are, or are not, meeting your academic needs.  Please keep in mind we can only fix problems we know about.

How can I best let my Study Partners' Tutor know how much they have helped me?

You are encouraged to nominate your tutor for our Tutor of the Month Award.  Simply enter the tutor’s name in the box available at the Study Partners desk in The Learning Commons area.  Feel free to ask the SP Desk Worker for assistance if needed.  You may also complete a Study Partners Evaluation by visiting

How is Study Partners different from Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

Study Partners is a one-on-one tutoring service, whereas Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a group study session led by an individual SI leader and specific to one individual instructor/professor. For more info on Supplemental Instruction visit the SI webpage at:

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