• Cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Minimum “B” in the course
  • Faculty recommendation
  • Two references



  • Ask the professor what he or she expects from your SI sessions. Discuss course related questions and insights with your professor
  • Listen to the students to find out if there is a group struggle and offer various forms of explanation
  • Stay in touch with your SI Supervisor so the office can help you any way they can


  • Attend class and take notes
  • Read/ work any assignments given to the students
  • Make a lesson plan of how your session will work include any PowerPoints, review questions, practice problems, etc. that you will use


  • Host 1-3 sessions per week
  • Record attendance
  • Promote the class’s understanding of concepts, formulas, connections, etc.

SI leaders often gain improved communication skills, personal relationships with professors, higher GRE & MCAT scores, and competitive resumes.

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