Seamless Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Seamless Admission Program

An Auburn University Montogomery and Auburn University Partnership

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program provides peer-facilitated review sessions led by qualified and trained undergraduate SI leaders. These leaders sit in on undergraduate classes that they have already passed and encourage students to practice and discuss course concepts in weekly review sessions. SI sessions are open to all undergraduate students in the course who want to improve their understanding of the material and surround themselves with other students who are focused academic performance and their grades.  Review sessions are professor specific, meet once or twice a week during fall and spring semesters, and are available at no charge.  No appointment is necessary, so students may simply show up.  National and Auburn University statistics have shown that students who regularly attend SI sessions improve retention and test scores, but only when they attend on a regular basis. 

Why not regularly join SI sessions to help accomplish this study goal?

The rule of thumb is for every ONE hour spent in class students should be studying TWO hours outside of class each week (i.e. 15 hours/week of class=30 hours of studying outside of class).

For more information, contact Academic Support at Auburn University at 334-844-5972.

What SEAMLESS classes offer SI sessions?

  • Biology
  • Math
  • World History

How can a SEAMLESS student benefit from attending SI sessions?

  • Earn higher course grades
  • Develop efficient methods of studying course material
  • Enhance study skills
  • Collaborate with classmates to improve understanding of content
  • Receive tips from SI leaders who have previously taken the course

What is expected of SEAMLESS students who attend SI sessions?

  • Regulary attend class. SI provides support for the class, but it is not a replacement for attending class or talking to your professor.
  • Bring class notes, textbook, and questions. SI sessions involve each student in a discussion of the most recent lecture material and provide you with opportunities to practice what you are learning.
  • Regularly attend SI. Students who attend regularly are more likely to earn higher grades in the course.
  • Have fun! SI sessionsprovide a comfortable, informal environment for you to share information and learn from your classmates.

Why was my SEAMLESS class selected for SI?

Courses selected for SI are introductory courses in which undergraduate students are expected to perform well in order to progress in their major and/or meet their program's requirements. SI is available to assist undergraduate students in learning the course material and performing well in the class.


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