Dear Parents...

If you are visiting this website it is likely because your son or daughter has been referred to the Academic Counseling and Advising Center or you think he or she needs some help. Either way, you are trying to learn something about the Center and what assistance is available.

The Academic Counseling and Advising Center was established in 2006 to help students experiencing challenges affecting their ability to succeed academically.  Since that time, the Center has provided assistance to hundreds of students who have been referred by their academic advisors.

The Center, part of the Office of Undergraduate Studies, provides a range of services intended to assist students achieve success in their academic pursuits.  The Center staff is committed to working with each and every student to identify the specific type of assistance needed.

Students referred to the Center will be provided a range of services designed to maximize their college academic experience.  They will be expected to be an active participant in the Center process.  We have a very talented and dedicated staff and provide academic counseling, career counseling, academic coaching, and academic advising.  We also provide referrals for other types of services on an as-needed basis, including Counseling Services, Tutoring, and the Program for Students with Disabilities.

All of us here at the Center are dedicated to the mission of the Center: to provide positive intervention and a supportive network for students experiencing challenges in order to lay the groundwork for academic and personal success.  We understand that students referred to us are usually not exited about the challenges they are facing. However, the people working in the Center are committed to giving each student the opportunity to improve. I encourage you to look at the time your son or daughter spends with us as an opportunity to strengthen their academic and personal skills.  Encourage him or her to ask questions, seek help and work hard! 

Kathryn Flynn, Ph.D.
Director, Academic Counseling and Advising Center

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