Early Alert Grades


What is the Early Alert Grade Program?

Auburn University Faculty Senate approved Early Alert Grade policy December 2012
In order to facilitate the adjustment of students to the rigors of Auburn University course work, faculty teaching core courses must record in Banner an early alert grade for all students enrolled in those classes one week prior to midterm. This process will permit students to seek tutoring or take other action before the midterm drop deadline.

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What to do if you have earned "D", "F" or "FA" Early Alert Grades...

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Talk with your instructor.  Refer to your syllabus for office hours or instructions regarding making an appointment. 

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Find the resources to help you become more successful.  Tutoring, supplemental instruction and academic coaching are all free services designed to assist you with becoming more successful in your core courses.  http://www.auburn.edu/academic/provost/undergrad_studies/support/

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Talk with your academic advisor. 


Click here to make an appointment to meet with the Retention Coordinator to help identify resources that may be helpful to you.  You will be able to discuss your situation and receive guidance toward specific resources for your needs.


Click here to attend a workshop to learn about study skills, time management and other ways to make the most of your study time.

Additional Resources

academic support Veterans Resource Center Office of Accessibiility Student counseling service

Office of Accessibility

Academic Support is designed to assist students in refining and strengthening the academic skills necessary for success through Study Partners, Supplemental Instruction and academic coaching.

The Center provides support and a range of services for current and former military service members, including eligible military dependents.

Auburn University is committed to equal learning opportunities for students with disabilities and recognizes that accommodations are necessary to help ensure access to courses, services, and activities.

The Auburn University Career Center provides free career counseling and coaching to Auburn University students.

The mission of SCS is to provide comprehensive preventative and clinical mental health services to enhance the psychological well-being of individual students, as well as the broader campus culture.

The Miller Writing Center provides free support on any writing you are doing while at Auburn, whether for a course or not. Trained consultants are available to talk with you as you plan, draft, and revise your writing.

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