Prior Learning Factors

  • Prior Learning is highlighted here because it is one of the largest predictors of college success.  This however is not easily measured and students may come with a misconception about their prior learning.  Students may have done very well and achieved high GPA’s in High school with little effort only to find that the same level of effort in college does not net the same high grades.  This may be because high schools have high variability in the degree to which they challenge and prepare students.   One way to get some indication of how well you have been prepared academically for your college experience it to compare your gpa and ACT scores to those of the college as a whole.  If your ACT scores are significantly lower this may indicate that you will have to work harder than other students at your school to get similar grades.  Remedial classes can help you to improve upon your level of preparedness.  However, prior learning takes time and hard work to overcome.  Do not make the mistake of jumping right into classes that you are not prepared for and getting a gpa that may eliminate your chances of going on to other graduate or professional schools.  Some schools are very competitive to get into and one bad semester may eliminate this as a future path.  If you are not sure if you still have a chance to get into a school access this long term GPA calculator to see if the gpa you need for your career path is still possible.
  • Long term Goal GPA caluator
If you determine that your prior education did not adequately prepare you for your college experience you have a few options. 
  • Tutoring - You may also want to tap into tutoring resources:
    1. Library - Free
    2. Engineering - Free
    3. Foreign language tutors
    4. Private tutoring – Fee -  If you feel that you need additional tutoring a small investment in finding a good tutor can be much less expensive than the tuition cost of failed classes.
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) - Free



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