Applying to the IDSC Program:

Applying to the IDSC Program is not the same as declaring any other major. In order to become an IDSC student you must:

  • Meet the minimum requirements.

  • Complete the IDSC Program Application.

  • Identify a faculty mentor for the program.

  • Create an academic concentration that is truly your own, with approvals from faculty advisors in each concentration area and from the overall faculty mentor.  Students may select 18 hours from each of two schools or college, or 12 hours from each of three schools or colleges.

  • Complete UNIV 2190, Foundations of Interdisciplinary University Studies (3 credit hours) with a grade of “C” or better.  This introductory course examines the fundamental concepts of interdisciplinary theory with a strong emphasis on career exploration.  Students will be taught basic theories of interdisciplinary thinking and will conceptualize their own interdisciplinary goals.  In addition to completing personal career assessments, students will also produce a plan of study as a primary product of the course.

IDSC students' programs are never vocational in nature, nor can they duplicate the purposes or coursework required by existing majors on campus.  IDSC requires and allows the students to explore related ideas and topics in a way that can ONLY be done through interdisciplinary study and this program. 

This degree is not to be perceived as combining 120 hours of anything, students are responsible for carefully researching their chosen fields of study.  As with any major, at least 20 hours must be at the upper level (3000 level or higher) and an overall GPA of 2.0 in the identified major courses is required to graduate, as well as a 2.0 overall GPA. 

Questions for students to ask:

  • What do I want to study, and for what purpose?

  • What academic departments are important to this academic concentration?

  • Would this program be an intellectual inquiry of a set of ideas, or is it merely a training ground for a professional career?

  • Is there another department that already offers a similar field of study, making the creation of a program in this field unnecessary?

  • Am I eligible for admission to IDSC?

The process of applying takes time and effort on the student’s part, along with support from a faculty mentor. The most important requirement is writing an academic proposal for a plan of study. We suggest that you take on this challenge through a number of smaller steps.

  • Define an area of concentration and make a list of possible courses;

  • Find a faculty mentor, probably within one of your concentrations;

  • Complete UNIV 2190 (as part of this class, you will work on the two steps above);

  • Complete the IDSC application







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