2013-2018 Auburn University Strategic Planning

Beginning in fall 2012, Auburn University initiated a new planning process to develop priorities that will serve as a foundation for the institution’s next Strategic Plan.  The fundamental intent of this process is to outline the University’s aspirations as they relate to our institutional goals of providing exceptional instruction, research, and outreach programs.

During fall semester, the Provost established and charged the Strategic Plan Steering Committee with identifying and developing our strategic priorities.  The Steering Committee is working to solicit input and ideas from stakeholders, both on- and off-campus, in an effort to construct a strong, innovative plan that positions Auburn to be a leader in all aspects of our institution.  The resulting efforts will direct the University’s strategic activities for the next five years.

Beginning in January 2013, a series of Strategic Discussion Sessions were held throughout the state to engage members of the Auburn Family in a broadly inclusive dialogue.  Auburn University representatives traveled to cities throughout Alabama to meet with various stakeholders to seek their help in designing a future that will continue to meet the high ideals of Auburn University.

In March 2013, the University will host several on-campus sessions to engage faculty, students, and staff in identifying strategic priorities. Members of the campus community are invited to attend one of 25-30 scheduled on-campus sessions. The sessions, held over 90 minutes, are deisgned to provide faculty, staff, and students with an opportunity to provide ideas, suggestions, and feedback on strategic priorities for the institution.

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Following their charge, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee identified five work teams to develop priorities in the following areas:

  1. Student Success

  2. Faculty Success

  3. Research Enterprise

  4. Business Operations/Revenue Enhancement

  5. Outreach and Extension

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Strategic Planning Timeline

2008-2013 Auburn University Strategic Plan

Last Updated: February 22, 2013