Annual Tenure Review Guidelines

All non-tenured, tenure track faculty should be reviewed annually for progress toward tenure status. This should be viewed as a process to recognize strengths and also identify areas for needed improvements. This process provides our non-tenured, tenure track faculty with timely feedback and enhances overall faculty retention.

All non-tenured, tenure track faculty will be reviewed by the tenured faculty of her/his academic unit each year relative to progression toward tenured status and that the assessment of that progress be reported to the non-tenured, tenure track faculty member annually. The mandated third-year review described within the Faculty Handbook will serve this purpose for non-tenured, tenure track faculty in their third year. Annual tenure reviews should be commenced in the Spring of 2003. The process should be conducted in concert with the currently mandated annual review. In implementing this process, department heads/chairs should design processes that provide for the following:

  1. Dissemination of information (possibly an updated curriculum vita and attached biographical data form) to all tenured faculty.
  2. Input from tenured faculty to department head/chair relative to adequate progression toward tenured status. This input should include issues of concern as well as recognition of accomplishments.
  3. Communication by the department head/chair (as a part of the annual review process) to the non-tenured faculty member relative to adequate progression toward tenure. This communication should be a part of the written evaluation provided for in the annual review process and should include issues raised by the tenured faculty.

Last Updated: May 05, 2009