Faculty Recruitment Manual

Preparation of AA/EEO Form B

(Applicant Worksheet)

The AA/EEO Form B provides a record of all applicants for the position.  With the exception of the gender, race/ethnicity, and source columns, which will be completed by AA/EEO after the form is submitted to that office, it is the search committee’s responsibility to complete this form.  Each individual who submits an application must be included on the AA/EEO Form B.  Initial information to be entered on the form will include the applicant’s name, the date application materials were received, the date the AA/EEO Form C card was mailed, and whether the applicant is currently employed by Auburn University.

Additional information to be entered on the AA/EEO Form B will be discussed later in this material.

Note:  A sample AA/EEO Form B follows.  The form is available on line and should be downloaded as needed to ensure that the most current version of the form is always utilized.


Last Updated: February 1, 2012