Faculty Recruitment Manual

Preparation of AA/EEO Form A
(Recruitment Plan)

Approval of this document authorizes the search committee to proceed with the previously identified recruitment strategy and placement of the position announcement.  The position title appearing on the AA/EEO Form A must match exactly the position title appearing on the PROV100, Part A.  All activities to be pursued during the recruitment process are to be indicated on the AA/EEO Form A, including any attachments as instructed on the Form A.

Included with the AA/EEO Form A packet for review will be a copy of the previously approved PROV100, Part A, copies of all ads to be placed online and in printed media or to be posted at conferences, and samples of all letters to be sent to individuals, educational institutions, and professional organizations.  The AA/EEO Form A packet for a tenure-track, non-tenure track, visiting faculty, or research faculty position will be forwarded to the Provost for review before transmittal by the Provost to AA/EEO.  Should AA/EEO require clarification on any portion of the position announcement or how and where the position will be advertised, contact will be made with the HR Liaison.

The HR Liaison is the point of contact through which all college/school recruitment activity will move between the college/school/department and AA/EEO and the Provost and will maintain a complete copy of all recruitment documents for the position.

When AA/EEO has approved the recruitment plan and position announcements and signed the AA/EEO Form A, the documents will be faxed or scanned and emailed to the HR Liaison and the Executive Assistant to the Provost, HR.  The search committee may then place the approved announcements in the selected venues.
It is expected that AA/EEO will contact the HR Liaison within 48 hours after receiving the AA/EEO Form A from the Provost, either for additional information or to advise that the AA/EEO Form A and position announcement(s) have been approved.  During AA/EEO review of the recruitment plan and ad, the Provost’s Office and the HR Liaison will be available for consultation.

Note:  A sample of AA/EEO Form A, follows with instructions, however, the form is available on line and should be downloaded as needed to ensure that the most current version of the form is always utilized.


Last Updated: February 1, 2012