Faculty Recruitment Manual

Mailing of AA/EEO Form C
(Voluntary Affirmative Action Survey)

As each application is received, an acknowledgment letter and an AA/EEO Form C card must be mailed to the applicant by the search committee chair or departmental representative as determined by the Department Head/Chair.  It is imperative that prior to mailing, the department complete the information in the box at the top of the card.  That information will include the department name, the title of the position for which the applicant has applied, and the position number.  The acknowledgment letter should encourage the applicant to complete and return the AA/EEO Form C card.

The value of the information to be obtained from the AA/EEO C card cannot be overstated.  The responses on the cards, which are returned by the applicants to the AA/EEO office, are utilized by AA/EEO to complete a recruitment summary for each faculty search, which is provided to the Dean and the Provost at the conclusion of the recruitment process.  The responses assist the Dean and the Provost in evaluating the unit’s recruiting efforts to attract minorities and women and in determining the value of specific advertising venues.

At no time prior to the selection of those applicants to be interviewed or the selection of the recommended candidate will the unit be advised of the gender or race/ethnicity of any applicant as a result of a returned Form C card.

Note:  A sample of AA/EEO Form C follows.  This form is not available online but is available as needed from the HR Liaison, who will obtain additional cards as needed from AA/EEO.  A sample letter acknowledging receipt of the applicant’s materials is also included.


Last Updated: February 1, 2012