Appointment of the Search Committee

The chair of any faculty search committee must be a tenured faculty member with the experience necessary to adequately evaluate the needs of the department and credentials of those who apply for the position.  It is strongly recommended that all search committee members be tenured faculty; however, if untenured faculty are on the committee, they must have completed a minimum of three years as tenure track faculty at Auburn.  It is vital that the committee reflect diversity of gender and race. The strategic diversity plan requires that African-American representation be on all search committees for presidents and all EEO-1 level administrative positions (61A, B or C positions) and, to the extent practicable, on all search committees for faculty. When search committee members are being selected, please keep this in mind. If the department for which the recruitment is to be conducted does not have a diverse faculty, it is strongly suggested that faculty from a similar discipline be included to provide the desired diversity.  Utilizing faculty from a similar discipline may also be of value for a small department or for a department that engages in cross disciplinary programs.

Search committee appointments are the responsibility of the Department Head/Chair; however, the Dean must approve all search committee appointments.  It is recommended that the HR Liaison be an ex-officio member of all search committees.  If that is not feasible, i.e., in a large college with numerous departments, it is expected that the HR Liaison will review the requirements of the recruitment process with each search committee chair before the committee begins its work and will be available for consultation throughout the recruitment process.

During the process of advertising, interviewing, selecting, and hiring an individual to fill a faculty vacancy, the search committee will create a file to include minutes of each meeting.  All search committee records/notes are to be retained within the department for a minimum of three years after the end of the search and then destroyed. 

The following reference materials may be of value to the search committee.  A Guide to Successful Searches for College Personnel: Policies, Procedures, and Legal Issues; Recruiting Good College Faculty: Practical Advice for a Successful Search; The Search Committee Handbook: A Guide to Recruiting Administrators; Search Committees: A Tool Kit for Human Resource Professionals, Administrators, and Committee Members; Interview Guide for Supervisors.

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