Auburn University Efficiency Task Force

The goal of the Auburn University Efficiency Task Force is to identify ways of improving the general efficiency and effectiveness of our institution’s operations by identifying the following:

  • Suggestions for any policies, procedures, processes, and/or practices that could be revised, simplified, eliminated or established, to improve efficiencies/effectiveness, and better meet the needs of the Auburn University faculty, staff, and students;  
  • Suggestions for improving the communications and marketing of new policies, initiatives, and procedures among the university community;
  • Suggestions for better coordination among Auburn University’s administration and the various academic and operating units, organizations, and affiliates.

Submit your ideas and suggestions to the Efficiency Task Force here.


Efficiency Task Force Members:

Mary Ellen Mazey-Chair
Provost and
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Bliss Bailey
Director, Office of Information Technology

Bill Batchelor
Dean, College of Agriculture and Director of AAES

Rick Battye
Auburn Technical Assistance Center

Ainsley Carry
Vice President for Student Affairs

Drew Clark
Director, Institutional Research and Assessment
Claire Crutchley
Professor, Department of Finance
Chair, University Senate
Deedie Dowdle
Director, Office of Communications and Marketing
Jeff Elwell
Provost, Auburn University at Montgomery

Andy Gillespie
Director, Office of International Programs

Anne Gramberg
Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Lynne Hammond
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
David Hennessey
Accountant, Contracts and Grants
Administrative & Professional Assembly
Joe Hunter
Auburn University Staff Council Steering Committee

Greg Ruff
Director, Engineering Outreach
and Continuing Education

Marcie Smith
Associate Vice President for Business and Finance

Kurt Sasser
2010-2011 Student Government Association

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2011