Auburn University Scholarship Incentive Program
Implementation Requirements

In compliance with the Auburn University Scholarship Incentive Policy, as approved by the Auburn University Senate, Provost, and President, the Office of the Provost provides the following requirements for implementation of the policy.

While the policy states that each department or unit may determine the manner of distributing its own incentive funds, the variety of distribution schemes offered in the first year of the Scholarship Incentive Program presented administrative challenges not easily overcome; causing, among other things, delays in approval of payments. The following requirements are provided to ensure consistency in interpretation and implementation of the policy, to simplify administrative processes and to improve the ability of the institution to make timely payments under the policy.


  1. The participant must be a fulltime faculty member with a portion of their salary paid from an externally-sponsored project.
  2. Externally-sponsored project budgets must include the maximum allowable overhead (F&A) and must not contain voluntary cost share.
  3. IPA Agreements, paid sabbaticals, or Federal Appropriations (e.g. Hatch, Smith Lever, McIntire Stennis) are not eligible sponsored projects for the purposes of generating salary savings under the Scholarship Incentive Program Policy.
  4. The participant’s institutional base salary must have been budgeted at the start of the fiscal year on base budget, professional fees or Scott Ritchey endowment earnings in order to generate salary savings.
  5. If the participant’s base salary is budgeted less than 100% on base budget, professional fees or endowment earnings, that portion not budgeted must be accommodated by externally sponsored funds first before the participant will be eligible to receive a Scholarship Incentive payment.
  6. Scholarship Incentive payments will be calculated based upon salary savings generated between October 1 and September 30.
  7. Depending upon the amount of salary savings generated, the participant may receive a Scholarship Incentive payment up to but not to exceed 20% of their budgeted 9 or 12 month base salary (as applicable) as of October 1.
  8. On or before November 30, Scholarship Incentive payment requests approved by the participant, the appropriate department head or chair, and the appropriate dean will be provided to the Provost Office for verification and approval. Any request not received by close of business on November 30 will be automatically denied.
  9. Scholarship Incentive payment requests consist of the completed SIP Request for Payment form and backup evidence of payroll, budget and sponsored project information (cover form’s, labor distribution, salary charges, etc.) documenting the generation of salary savings.
  10. Scholarship Incentive payments will be approved on or before January 31 of the fiscal year following the fiscal year in which the salary savings were generated.
  11. The appropriate personnel for the participant’s time keeping location will process the required EPAF for approval on or before the payroll deadlines established for the February 28 pay date.
  12. The department is responsible for monitoring salary and wage transfers for ANY salary charged to an eligible externally sponsored project. If such transfers would have impacted the amount of the Scholarship Incentive payment, the participant will be required to refund the institution. This monitoring is required until project close-out.
  13. Funds used to relieve the faculty of assigned duties (e.g., instructional duties) may be subtracted from the incentive.
  14. A Dean or Department Head may utilize salary savings generated for purposes other than Scholarship Incentive payments.


Last Updated: September 12, 2013