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Assessment reports that scores at least a 3.0 (Mature) on every element of the Quality Assessment Rubric are designated as “Exemplary.” In the 2016-2017 assessment cycle, 25 assessment reports (of 220 submitted reports) received this designation. A full list of Exemplary Assessment reports can be found below:

Program Years
Food Science, BS 2016-2017
Poultry Science, BS 2016-2017
Poultry Sciences and Food Science, PhD 2016-2017
Program Years
Building Science, BS 2016-2017
Building Science Construction, MBC 2016-2017
Construction Management Certificate 2016-2017
Integrated Processes Construction Management Certificate 2016-2017
Industrial Design, MIND 2016-2017
Program Years
EnglishESL MED 2016-2017
Program Years
Consumer and Design Sciences, MS/MSNT and PhD 2016-2017
Nutrition, MS 2016-2017
Nutrition, PhD 2016-2017
Program Years
French, BA 2016-2017
German, BA 2016-2017
Health Services Administration, BS 2016-2017
Music, BA 2016-2017
Philosophy, BA 2016-2017
Public Administration and Public Policy, PhD 2016-2017
Psychology, BA 2016-2017
Social Work, BA 2016-2017
Spanish, BA 2016-2017
Theatre, BA 2016-2017
Theatre- Theatre Performance, BFA 2016-2017
Pharmaceutical Sciences - Health Outcomes Research and Policy Option, PhD 2016-2017
Program Years
Medical Laboratory Science, BS 2016-2017

Last Updated: April 10, 2018