Reporting Procedure

Assessment Reporting

In order to systematically provide feedback to academic degree programs on their assessment process, the Office of Academic Assessment is implementing a reporting system that will:

  • Articulate quality assessment practice through a rubric
  • Provide assessment professional development opportunities, including the opportunity for faculty members to peer evaluate assessment reports on the quality of assessment (not the program).
  • Provide each program with an annual feedback report on the quality of their assessment process

Academic Degree Program assessment reports will by due by July 1, 2018 at midnight. Reports may be submitted as early as April 18, 2018. Reports should be submitted as word documents or pdf files to The submission process is outlined below:

Report Submission
April 18 - July 1
Peer Rating
Feedback Reports
October 1

Quality of Assessment Rubric and Report Template

The following reporting template is recommended for report submission:

Quality of Assessment Rubric:

Last Updated: July 25, 2017