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The American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) is the national professional society of student pharmacists and an official academy of the nation’s largest and most influential pharmacy organization, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA). As an official academy of APhA, APhA-ASP is involved at the student level with the important professional and special interest activities of its parent society.

APhA-ASP chapters are located at each accredited school of pharmacy in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Membership is open to all student pharmacists and pre-pharmacy students regularly enrolled at universities and colleges with an accredited pharmacy school or college. The local chapter at Auburn University has approximately 250 members providing each member professional, education and social opportunities.

APhA-ASP meets monthly and offers programs of interest to student pharmacists. A variety of active committees provide students opportunities to become more involved in the organization and the profession. These committees include

  • Operation Diabetes: Provides diabetes education in the community through health fairs and clinics.
  • Operation Immunization: Provides education on adult and childhood vaccinations and participates in health fairs at local pharmacies and other community events.
  • Operation Heart: Educates the public on heart disease and performs blood pressure assessments at health fairs in the Auburn community.
  • Generation Rx: Brings awareness to prescription medication abuse at health fairs and community events, participates in local school events to educate students on how to prevent prescription medication abuse, and educates the Boys and Girls Club on poison prevention.

APhA-ASP also collaborates with other HSOP organizations at the annual Syrup Sopping Festival in Loachapoka, Alabama to educate the public on health issues and provide health screening services, including blood pressure screenings and blood glucose screenings. Because of APhA-ASP’s involvement in the community and on campus, the organization has received the Outstanding Professional Society award in 2014 and the Excellence in Practical Application award in 2015 at the Auburn University Involvement Awards.

APhA-ASP presents an excellent opportunity for a large number of student pharmacists to become familiar with the affairs of APhA and the profession by attending regional and national meetings, such as the APhA Mid-Year Regional meeting in the fall and the APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition in the spring. These meetings provide a mechanism whereby individuals and chapters have a direct influence on the direction of national committee work and the formulation of policy.

They are the avenue by which students get involved in the regional and/or national level, and provide vast opportunities to meet influential people in the profession of pharmacy. By attending these meetings, student pharmacists obtain a better understanding of the involvement of the profession and its impact on society.

With your membership, APhA-ASP can become an even stronger organization and will be able to strive even more effectively to make pharmacy a more honorable and admirable profession.

APhA-ASP Officers

Kasandra Watson

Alex Bahr
President Elect

Anthony Todd
Vice President (Mobile)

Amanda Boyer
Vice President Elect (Mobile)

Kelly Groover
Vice President Communications

Ricarrdo Spencer
Vice President Policy

Caitlin Prather
Vice President Membership

Rachel Smelley

Tiffany Mumford

Rachel Howorth
Operation Heart Chair

Taylor Moody
Operation Diabetes Chair

Dacy Reynolds
Operation Immunization Chair

Morgan Lee
Generation Rx Chair

Amber Keeton
Fundraising Chair

Madeleine King
IPSF Liaison

Dr. Marilyn Bulloch

Dr. Bobby Helmer

Dr. Amber Hutchison

Dr. Margaret Williamson

Last Updated: September 19, 2016