Harrison School of Pharmacy Hands Out Annual Awards

Two faculty members hold teddy bear Dr. Bobby Helmer receives the Hargreaves Faculty Mentor Bear from Dr. Nicole Slater.

May 10, 2018

AUBURN, Alabama – Outstanding Harrison School of Pharmacy students, staff and faculty members were recognized in ceremonies on March 30, May 7 and May 8 as part of the 58th Annual Hargreaves Awards Program.

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In all, 57 awards were given to more than 100 recipients with simultaneous ceremonies going on at HSOP’s campuses in Auburn and Mobile. Dr. Bobby Helmer took the top honor, the Hargreaves Faculty Mentor Award.

The awards program is coordinated by the HSOP Awards Committee. Serving on the committee are Dr. Kristi Kelley (Chair), Dr. Kelly Hester, Dr. Sarah Cogle, Dr. Gordon Sacks, Dr. Paul Jungnickel, Dr. Jeanna Sewell, Dr. Li Chen, Dr. Alexei Kisselev, Dr. Amit Mitra, Kori Caldwell, Charlotte Cheatham and Melissa Webb.

This year’s award winners are:

Cardinal Healthcare Pharmacy Leadership Award
Chris Wren

The Walker Medal Award
Shelby Lawrence

McKesson Drug Company Award
Alex Bahr

Merck Awards
Kelsey Ladd
Leah Reeve
Addison Upton

Community-Based Patient Care and Professionalism Awards
P3: Morgan Moulton
P3: Kiara Parker
P2: Matt Bailey
P1: Nate Silar

Pharmacy Practice Experience Quantifi Intervention Award
PPE Team 2:

  • Brandon Hester
  • Sylvie Lauzon
  • Haley O’Neal
  • Lauren Speakman
  • Ricarrdo Spencer

Milestone OSCEr Award
Matthew Montgomery
Melissa Burns

Professionalism Awards
P1: James Holland
P1: Caitlin Henderson
P2: Emily Peel
P3: Micaila Hill
P4: Brooke Jaramillo

Rho Chi Award
Rex Waer

Auburn Pharmacy Alumni Association Legacy Award
Rachel Padgett

Outstanding International Graduate Student
Byul Ah You

Student Government Association Outstanding Student Award
Addison Upton

Student Council Officer Recognition
Glady's Tucker Heard (President)
Stephen Caton (Vice President-Auburn)
John Russell (Vice President-Mobile)
Morgan Moulton (Secretary)
Emily Roper (Treasurer-Auburn)
Matt Bailey (Treasurer-Mobile)
Matthew Holt (Senator)

Pharmacy Student Council Leadership Award
Lauren Wright
Patti Wagner

Pharmacy Student Council Advocate Award
Dr. Brad Wright

Outstanding Teacher Award
Dr. Forrest Smith

Preceptors of Excellence Awards
Auburn-Montgomery (faculty) – Dr. Spencer Durham
Auburn-Montgomery (affiliate) – Dr. Allison Baker
Birmingham/Tuscaloosa (faculty) – Dr. Katelin Lisenby
Birmingham/Tuscaloosa (volunteer) - Dr. Dan Inboden
Columbus (faculty) - Dr. Lori Hornsby
Columbus (volunteer) – Dr. Charity Calhoun
Huntsville (faculty)- Dr. Taylor Steuber
Huntsville (volunteer) – Ms. Suzette Baker
Mobile (faculty)- Dr. Nicole Slater
Mobile (volunteer) – Dr. Candice Osborne

Preceptor of the Year Award
Dr. April Yarbrough

Friend of Experiential Education Award
Joe Dalton

Outstanding Resident Teacher Award
Dr. Erin Bilgili

ALHSP Health System Student Award
Amanda Holloway

Excellence in Clinical Communication
Caroline Welch

Eli Lilly Achievement Award
Jenna Lee
Frances Hoffman

Mylan Excellence Award
Josh Francis

United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award
Austin Cook

Walgreens Innovative Community Practice Award
Kayla Glover

Excellence in Hospital Practice Award
Emily Tsiao

Dr. Byron B. Williams Award
Charles Vawters

Auburn University President’s Award
Anthony Todd

Harrison School of Pharmacy Graduation Marshal
Johnthyn Luke Britton

Distinguished Alumni Award
Thomas H. Whitworth, HSOP Class of 1980

Friend of Pharmacy Award
Nancy Bishop, Alabama Department of Public Health

Outstanding Contribution from Auburn University Colleague.
Brandon Simmons, Biggio Center

Faculty Research and Outreach Excellence Awards
Department of Justice:

  • Dr. Randall Clark
  • Dr. Jack DeRuiter
National Institutes of Health:
  • Dr. Amal Kaddoumi
  • Dr. Peter Panizzi
  • Dr. Miranda Reed
  • Dr. Jianzhong Shen
  • Dr. Alexei Kisselev
American Pharmacists Association:
  • Dr. Salisa Westrick
Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs:
  • Dr. Haley Phillippe
  • Dr. Brent Fox
  • Dr. Karen Marlowe
  • Amanda Fowler
  • Sarah Hill

Rho Chi Alumni Award
Dr. Spencer Durham

Continuing Education Presenter of the Year
Dr. Michael Scalese

Outstanding Staff Member Award
Shannon Jones

WOW Award
Dr. Brad Wright

Excellence in Outreach Award
Dr. Haley Phillippe

Excellence in Research Award
Dr. Jingjing Qian

Excellence in Teaching Award
Dr. Kristi Kelley
Dr. Nathan Pinner

Hargreaves Faculty Mentor Award
Dr. Bobby Helmer


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