HSOP Students Educate Patients Through Script Your Future

Feb. 19, 2015

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – The students in the Harrison School of Pharmacy understand how important it is to help patients better understand their medications and treatments, especially as young pharmacists entering the professional world.

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In the months of January and February, HSOP students are working as part of the Script Your Future Campaign. Script Your Future was created to educate patients on how to manage their health through effectively taking medications to treat problems such as diabetes, COPD, asthma, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. The campaign is designed to help patients understand and manage medications and inform patients on what questions to ask health care professionals.

According to Script Your Future, “Taking your medication as directed” is a practice that many people find themselves doing incorrectly, which can lead to huge consequences and higher costs in the long run. The National Consumers League spearheads the campaign while working with partners that include every sector of the health care system such as health care professionals, caregivers, pharmacies, insurance companies, and patient communities.

Third-year pharmacy student, Veronica Mote and second-year pharmacy student, Maria Campbell are two of the students involved with Script Your Future for the HSOP. Both discussed why the campaign is so important to the care of patients.

“The campaign is so important because physicians often don’t talk about prescriptions to patients; they usually leave it up to the pharmacist,” said Mote. “If you don’t take your medicine as directed, you’re putting your health and future at risk.”

Additionally, patients often end up with more medication than needed which worsens their condition.

“Medical non adherence is a problem because patients could end up with undesired health outcomes,” Campbell said. “Taking medication as prescribed is the easiest thing that a patient can do to combat chronic illnesses”

A unique feature of the Script Your Future Campaign are special wallet cards that patients can carry around with them.

“Patients can list all their medications on the card along with the prescribed doses,” Campbell said.

The wallet card can be taken from clinic to clinic or doctor’s office to doctor’s office so that every healthcare professional that has a hand in the health of a specific patient has the correct knowledge of what medication(s) the patient is on. The card is an easy way for a patient to take the steps to complete understanding of their medications.

Dr. Jan Kavookjan, an associate professor in Health Outcomes Research and Policy, has a special connection with Script Your Future and is also the advisor for the campaign. The use of the wallet cards became significant for her after last year’s winter weather caused her father to become injured resulting in him having to receive immediate surgery. Something as simple as a wallet card can potentially save a life.

“Not having a wallet card created a lot of chaos for my father,” said Kavookjan. “Having a wallet card that listed all his medications and doses could have prevented a lot of trouble for my father.”

The Harrison School of Pharmacy along with the campaign and other health care professionals realize how important it is for all divisions of the health care profession to work together for this cause. HSOP students embrace this spirit of collaboration by educating patients about Script Your Future at health fairs done in collaboration with Tuskegee nursing students at the Equal Access Birmingham Clinic with UAB medical students.

“Collaboration is so important because it lets the patient know that every nurse, doctor, or pharmacist that works towards their health goals are on the same page,” said Mote.

Everyone can take the pledge for Script Your Future by filling out a wallet card or pledging online at www.scriptyourfuture.org.


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Last Updated: Feb. 19, 2015