Pharm.D.-Ph.D. Program

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The Pharm.D.-Ph.D. program is designed to prepare individuals for a career as clinician-scientists or to enable them to bring clinical perspectives to basic science research topics. It is anticipated that these individuals will be prepared for careers in government, the pharmaceutical industry, or academia.

Students in the program will complete the Pharm.D. degree in its entirety and earn licensure to practice Pharmacy in Alabama before transitioning into the Ph.D. phase of the program. Nonetheless, the program fosters the engagement of students in research during the Pharm.D. phase of the program and permits students to count some coursework toward both degrees. These features reduce the time to complete both degrees to approximately seven years (versus 8+ years if the degrees were pursued separately).

HSOP Pharm.D. students may apply for entry into this dual degree program after completing the first year of the Pharm.D. program. The program anticipates enrolling 1-2 students per year.

Ph.D. degree options are available in a variety of disciplines in the Department of Drug Discovery and Development and the Department of Health Outcomes Research and Policy.

Students in the program generally complete Pharm.D. coursework, Ph.D. coursework, and research experiences each summer after entering the program. Both P4 elective rotations may be used for research experiences.

To obtain the Ph.D. degree, students must complete an original research project and defend a doctoral dissertation, in addition to completing additional coursework beyond the PharmD.

Graduate assistantships are typically available to support students during the Ph.D. phase of the program. These give the graduate assistant opportunities for didactic instruction, clinical instruction, and direct patient care activities. Hence, these graduate assistants receive training experiences that allow them to be competitive for a variety of positions after graduation and receive a stipend competitive with that paid to PGY1 residents.

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Last Updated: August 21, 2018