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  Chuan Wang
Degree Program: Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences
Anticipated Graduation: 2017
Advisor:Jianzhong Shen, Ph.D.
Email: czw0042@auburn.edu

B.S., Pharmacology - (China), 2009

Research Areas:

  • Biased signaling in the atypical GPCR CXCR7

Chuan Wang research works on the project “CXCR7 biased signaling.” CXCR7 is a non-classical chemokine receptor. Whether CXCR7 mediates cellular signaling or not is still in debate. Some studies indicated that CXCR7 is a scavenger or decoy receptor which does not couple to G-proteins. Other evidence suggests that CXCR7 participates in signal transduction only when it forms a dimer with CXCR4. In addition, a few studies demonstrate that CXCR7 can independently induce cell signaling via β-arrestin in certain cell lines. However, it is completely unknown regarding how and why CXCR7 deletion leads to mouse death with cardiovascular hypertrophy. Wang hypothesize that CXCR7 independently mediates cell signaling in ligand and cell type-specific mechanisms, and studies of ligand-biased and tissue-biased signaling may lead to novel strategies to control vascular inflammation and atherosclerosis.

Last Updated: December 7, 2016