Harrison School of Pharmacy

Faculty and Staff Directory


Daniel Parsons Daniel Parsons
Emeritus Professor

Department: Drug Discovery and Development
Auburn University
Harrison School of Pharmacy
3306e Walker Building
Auburn, AL 36849
Email: parsodl@auburn.edu
Phone: 334-844-8336
Fax: 334-844-8331

Curriculum Vitae

B.S., Pharmacy - Georgia, 1975
Ph.D., Pharmaceutics - Georgia, 1979

Pharmaceutics is concerned not only with the formulation of effective dosage forms, but also with the fate of an active ingredient after it enters the body. My research has included studies on the interaction of drugs with plasma proteins and methods for examining such interactions. The effects of an artificial (perfluorochemical) blood substitute on the binding of various drugs by plasma proteins have also been studied. Another area of interest is improvement in aqueous drug solubility and, therefore, bioavailability, through complexation of drug with cyclodextrans. Current efforts are heavily directed towards the development of effective and stable solid oral dosage forms and compounding in general.


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