This is Teamwork.

Student at the white board, speaking to a group of other students

The field of pharmacy is full of innovation and excitement! One of these new developments is an ever-increasing role for pharmacists in collaborative settings with other healthcare providers, leading to greater responsibilities in patient care. To ensure Auburn graduates are “practice-ready” and equipped to serve, it was important that the Harrison School of Pharmacy modify the curriculum in order to mirror the changes occurring in pharmacy practice.

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James Holland (pictured above), one of our new P1s, feels that he and his classmates have already received an enormous amount of knowledge from Harrison School of Pharmacy's new curriculum. The Practice-Ready Curriculum strongly emphasizes the importance of teamwork through group assignments and case studies.

His team relies heavily on each other to complete coursework. They bounce concepts off of each other and come up with ideas that may have been missed if they worked individually. Improving their abilities to collaborate in a team setting is important because this is a skill they will need in practice when working with other pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers.

The new curriculum integrates several former classes into one course sequence called Integrated Learning Experience, or ILE for short. Each section in ILE educates them on major disease states and helps them recognize the relationships between them. For example, they learned about diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and how lifestyle changes can be used to treat all of these conditions to supplement drug treatments.

This approach is more functional and better prepares students to be a pharmacist since most patients have more than one medical condition in real practice.

Last Updated: November 7, 2017