Pre-Requisite Admission Requirements


Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BIOL 1020/1021 Principles of Biology with lab 4
CHEM 1030/1040 Fundamentals of Chemistry I and II 6
CHEM 1031/1041 Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab I and II 2
ENGL 1100/1120 English Composition I and II 6
*SCMH 1990 Pre-Health Orientation 1
MATH 1610 Calculus I 4
PHIL 1030 Ethics and Health Sciences 3
PHYS 1500 General Physics I 4
Core Fine Arts 3
Core History I and II 6
Core Literature 3
Core Humanities 3
Core Social Science 6
CHEM 2070/2080 Organic Chemistry I and II 6
CHEM 2071/2081 Organic Chemistry Lab I and II 2
STAT 2510 Bio/Health Statistics 3
BIOL 2500/2510 Anatomy and Physiology I and II 8
BIOL 3020 Genomic Biology** 4
BIOL 3200 Microbiology 4
BCHE 3200 Principles of Biochemistry 3
BIOL 3500 Principles of Immunology*** 3
BIOL 5600 Biomedical Physiology 5
Total Hours 89

*NOT required for students completing the pre-pharmacy requirements at institutions other than Auburn
**BIOL 3000 can be substituted for BIOL 3020
***BIOL 5500 can be substituted for BIOL 3500
Note: Students who plan to finish the BMSC degree must choose COMM 1000

Students are expected to demonstrate competency in computer skills; COMP 1000 is recommended if your computer skills need improvement.

Options for courses labeled CORE are in the Auburn University Bulletin, under Core Curriculum.

This program contains the pre-requisites for the Auburn University School of Pharmacy only.

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Last Updated: August 23, 2016