Financial and Scholarship Information

Below, prospective students can find information on tuition at the Harrison School of Pharmacy, along with information on financial aid and scholarships.

2018-19 Tuition and Fees

  In-State Rate Out of State Rate
General Auburn University Tuition & Fees $9,630 $28,890
Student Fees $1,652 $1,652
Pharmacy Professional Fee $10,566 $10,566
Total Estimated Tuition and Fees $21,848 $41,108
Summer Term 2018 (Additional for P4s)*    
General Auburn University Tuition & Fees $4,815 $14,445
Student Fees $826 $826
* - Professional fee is not charged during Summer Term    

Tuition restructuring results in no surcharges above 9 hours. Rates quoted are those currently approved for the 2014-15 academic year.

For specific information on financial aid, please contact the Auburn University Department of Student Financial Services.

Note: The Registrar at Auburn University shall have the responsibility for determining whether a student shall be classified as an Alabama or non-Alabama student. Information on residency/non-residency policies is available in the Auburn University Bulletin.

Laptop: The Auburn Pharm.D. program provides students the opportunity to learn in an environment utilizing sophisticated information technology. Students are required to purchase a laptop computer that meets specifications established by the Harrison School of Pharmacy. Information on laptop requirements is available on the HSOP Office of Information and Instructional Technology page.

Financial Aid, Loans and Scholarships

The Auburn University Office of Student Financial Aid provides guidance to students who need financial aid in order to attend the University. The University believes that the amount of aid granted should be based on financial need. Pharmacy students seeking assistance are required to file an application for Federal Student Financial Aid annually. To request a Financial Aid Packet, please contact:

Auburn University Office of Student Financial Aid
203 Mary Martin Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849
(334) 844-4367

If you wish to be considered for financial need, you must complete a FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid and file it with the Auburn University Office of Financial Aid. Be sure to indicate on any forms that your student classification is "professional" student, NOT "undergraduate" student. Applications for aid should be completed in January or February of the year prior to the academic year in which the student will need assistance. Please note that this form may be completed and filed on line at To review other loan and scholarship resources available, please contact the Auburn Student Financial Aid Office or the Auburn Scholarship Office.

There are three principal types of financial assistance:


Scholarships are a form of financial assistance awarded to students who demonstrate high academic attainment and potential. Many scholarships require demonstration of financial need.


Federal Perkins Loans, William D. Ford Direct Loans and Institutional Loans provide long-term, low interest loans for students who demonstrate financial need. The Health Professions Loan Program provides long-term loans to students who are in health care fields and demonstrate financial need. Pell Grants are not available to students enrolled in any professional program, including pharmacy. Please consult the Office of Student Financial Aid for additional information.


Students who have financial need may also obtain part-time employment within the University while attending classes. This program is federally funded.


Last Updated: April 26, 2018