Degree Track Requirements

Pharmacy Students Standing Outside Samford Hall

Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy Prerequisite Requirements for Applicants who will enter AUHSOP with a Bachelor’s Degree* / **

The AUSHOP has the prerogative to waive certain prerequisite courses for applicants that will receive a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree from an accredited college or university prior to matriculation.  Decisions to waive prerequisite requirements are made by the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs.

The minimum prerequisite requirements for students entering with a bachelor’s degree are as follows:

  • General Chemistry with Lab – 8 semester hours
  • Organic Chemistry with Lab – 8 semester hours
  • Biochemistry – 3 semester hours
  • Principles of Biology with Lab – 4 semester hours
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab – 8 semester hours
  • Microbiology with Lab – 4 semester hours
  • Calculus – 4 semester hours
  • Statistics – 3 semester hours
  • Physics (either trigonometry or calculus based) – 4 semester hours
  • English Composition/Literature – 6 semester hours

* - Applicants for admission are encouraged to complete additional upper division coursework in biological sciences (e.g., Genetics/Genomic Biology, Immunology, Upper Division Physiology [Mammalian, Vertebrate, Human or Animal], Cell Biology, Histology, Virology, Comparative Anatomy), Chemistry (e.g., Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Enzymology) and Physics (e.g., thermodynamics). Successful completion of additional science coursework will be considered as part of the HSOP’s holistic admissions process.

** - There are no additional specific humanities/social science requirements beyond those required by the applicant’s undergraduate college/university for completion of a baccalaureate degree.

Last Updated: February 21, 2017