This is Pharmacy. This is Auburn.

When you attend the Harrison School of Pharmacy, you are not just a student but rather treated as a junior colleague of the School's faculty and staff. The educational experience is not limited to the classroom, but is extended beyond these walls to include interprofessional education opportunities through student organizations and other collaborative efforts, along with a rich campus life. Even classroom education at HSOP is treated differently with a new, innovative curriculum that embraces critical thinking and teamwork. We welcome you to learn more about the Harrison School of Pharmacy and feel free to reach out to us at with any questions.

Students taking the oath of a pharmacist
Student speaking with a patient

Student painted up at a football game
Student standing with piece of research equipment

Student at the white board, presenting to other students
Student checking blood pressure at a health fair

Pharmacy student and medical student consult in a hallway
Student checking blood pressure

Pharmacy students in scrubs at a hospital
Pharmacy student and other healthcare professionals stand together in Peru

Students hold up the Hargreaves Cup trophy
Student and faculty member talk in mentor meeting

Pharmacist at a computer

Last Updated: May 9, 2018