• By participating in simulation, first semester nursing students’ lowered their anxiety level compared to first semester students’ anxiety level that did not participate in simulation. This was a statistically significant decrease.
  • First semester students valued high-fidelity simulation as an equal learning experience as traditional hospital clinical. However, they did not value low-fidelity simulation as an equal learning experience as traditional hospital.
  • Simulation research has been conducted and the data is being analyzed for simulation use in the fifth semester leadership course when students care for 4 simulated patients at one time to learn how to delegate, prioritize, and communicate as a team. Students comment this simulation is one of the most valuable experiences at AUSON.
  • Third semester students valued the mid-point debriefing or partial instructor lead facilitation, as an effective strategy for simulation and connecting what occurred in simulation to the lecture components covered in the class.


Last Updated: July, 29 2013

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