Student Fees

Following are estimated costs for the 2014-2015 academic school year (Fall and Spring semesters) at Auburn University for tuition, books and supplies. Costs may vary depending on individual conditions. For a more in depth look at expenses at Auburn, go to the Auburn Bulletin.

Undergraduate Tuition
School of Nursing Tuition and Fees (Alabama Residents) $10,200.00
School of Nursing Tuition and Fees (Out of State Residents) $27,384.00

Graduate Tuition

School of Nursing Tuition and Fees (per credit hour) $599.00

Other Expenses (estimated)
Uniforms $200.00
Books and Supplies $2000.00
HESI Examinations (per semester)
$110.00 - 150.00
*School of Nursing Professional Fee (Total for 5 Semesters) $4800.00
**Mandatory Liability Insurance (per year) approx. $20.00

*students are charged $200 per clinical credit hour each semester

** Liability insurance is required of all students taking clinical courses and will be purchased through the School of Nursing upon initial enrollment

Tuition and Fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees at the beginning of any term.

Last Updated: Oct. 18 , 2014

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