Financial Aid & Scholarship Information

Departmental scholarships are available once you have been accepted to the upper division. Scholarship applications are sent out in May to those students in the program. For scholarship information for Freshman and Sophomore years, you can contact the University Scholarship Office at (334) 844-4723 or Financial Aid at (334) 844-4367.

AUSON Scholarships

  • Sam Long Hutchinson Endowment for Scholarships in Nursing
  • Bertha L. Watkins Endowment for Scholarships in Nursing
  • Marie Moore Pace Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Nursing Scholarships
  • Pat Sanders Lugar Nursing Scholarship Endowment
  • Kathleen Denise Caffey Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • Anna Crump Cuevas Endowed Scolarship in Nursing
  • Blue Jean Ball Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • Dr. D. Wright Annual Scholarship in Nursing
  • Fay B. Ireland Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • M & M Annual Scholarship
  • Mary F. Woody alumni Scholarship Endowment
  • Charles McAlister Annual Scholarship
Scholarship information at

CampusRN Scholarship


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