Courses / Curriculum (MSN)

Courses in the MSN program are primarily offered online, however some courses may require one or two on-campus meetings per semester. These meetings are announced well in advance to allow for student planning. Two courses in the MSN core curriculum (Pathophysiology and Pharmacology) are taught via Troy University. The student will be assisted in registration for those courses. 

Summer Semester 1 - Full-time

NURS 7340 Advanced Theoretical Foundations 3
NURS 7360 Evidence Based Practice I 2
NURS 7350 Quality & Safety and Population Health 2
Total Credit Hours: 7

Fall Semester 1- Full-time

NSG 6671 Pathophysiology (Troy) 3
NURS 7250 Healthcare Policy and Ethics for the Nurse Leaders 3
NURS 7370 Evidence Based Practice II 2
Total Credit Hours: 8

Spring Semester 1 - Full-time

NSG 6649 Advanced Pharmacology (Troy) 3
NURS 7983 Evidence Based Project III 2
NURS 7110 Advanced Health and Physical Assessment 3
Total Credit Hours: 8


Clinical Nurse Specialist: Adult Health – contact Dr. Anita All 

Post-master’s certificate in Nursing Education - Curriculum PDF

Nurse Educator - under development

Primary Care Practitioner - under development

Part-time plan of study will be individualized based on student need and course offerings.
For additional information or to discuss any specific aspect of the program or admission requirements contact:

Anita C. All, PhD, RN
Professor and Director AU/AUM Joint MSN Program
Wachovia Endowed Professor

Auburn University 

Auburn University Montgomery

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