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The objective of the six-hour credit course is to give the student the opportunity to examine the health care system as well as the culture in today’s Spain. Spain possesses outstanding achievements in its healthcare system that includes but is not limited to it being the least-expensive healthcare provider for its citizens among developed countries, the use of electronic health records for most of its citizens and ranking as among the best healthcare systems based on a number of health indicators according to the World Health Organization.

The program has engaging content taught by Auburn professor Linda Byrd. The learning will be reinforced through a series of Local Site Visits and Short Seminars delivered by professionals as well as cultural trips. Additionally, some lessons will be taught through classroom lectures by some of Spain’s top leaders in healthcare. There are also field laboratory excursions to governmental agencies, healthcare organizations, museums, research centers, newspaper and magazine publishers, and other organizations. There will also be partial day opportunities for various healthcare observations in hospitals and other healthcare venues. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required. As a program participant, you will be placed with a Spanish family to enhance your abroad experience. The housing accommodations include a full meal plan, basic utilities and WIFI access.

The program is five weeks long. The home city is Seville, Spain, the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of Southern Spain. The city is renowned for its warm climate and friendly culture, making it an ideal setting for learning, cultural integration, and professional development. All work will be done in Seville and various areas of Southern Spain.

Cultural activities for the Seville experience will include a visit to the Roman Ruins of Itálica, the first city that Rome built in the Iberian Peninsula in the 2nd Century B.C., a weekend in Granada, an evoking city where civilizations that once lived on Andalusia soil left a cultural legacy that is a marvel of the world, and a day in Córdoba and explore its treasures starting with the Alcazar de los Reyes Critianos. Additionally, we visit and explore the many historical treasures in and around Seville itself.

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