Advisory Boards

Clinical Advisory Board

The Schools of Nursing Clinical Advisory Board includes representatives from the clinical agencies where our nursing students have their clinical experiences. The function of the Clinical Advisory Board is to exchange information with the Schools about issues related to current practices and the curriculum.

Advisory Board Members

Ms. Robin Barca
Ms. Babs McKnight
Ms. Velinda Block
Ms. Amy Price
Mrs. Libba Bowling
Mr. Andy Romine
Ms. Teresa Brown
Ms. Debbie Saylor
Ms. Carolyn Caver
Ms. Genger Stabler
Ms. Valerie Cochran
Ms. Vicky Wadkins
Ms. Kathy Gaston
Dr. Ramona Lazenby
Ms. Laura Grill
Dr. Anita All
Mr. John Hankins
Dr. Jenny Schuessler
Ms. Ginger Henry
Dr. Gregg Newschwander
Ms. Linda Hill
Ms. Tanya Johnson

Community Advisory Board

The AU and AUM Schools of Nursing Community Advisory Board is a network of alumni and friends who believe in enhancing and promoting the mission of the schools. Through membership on the Community Advisory Board, volunteers carry forth the banner of the university by providing visibility, advocacy and support to the educational mission of the Schools of Nursing.

Advisory Board Members

Ms. Colleen Alsobrook
Mr. John Beard
Mrs. Maureen Britton
Ms. Beth Cunningham
Ms. Teri Dingler
Ms. Sarah Gray
Mrs. Selley Grider
Dr. Ramona Lazenby
Mr. Don Luger
Ms. Bonnie Moore
Ms. Melissa
Marshall Mrs. Laura Megginson
Ms. Suzanne
Morris Dr. Thomas Mosley
Dr. Leigh Anne Nevins, DMD
Dr. Gregg Newschwander
Dr. Jenny Schuessler
Ms. B.J. Shuler
Ms. Stacey Seawell
Mr. Larry Watkins
Ms. Payton Tatum
Dr. Anita All

Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board is made up of SON graduates. Members of this group provide input relative to nursing practice issues and network to build support for the School from its graduates.

Advisory Board Members

Mrs. Janeen Amason
Mrs. Sarah T. Gray
Mrs. Claudia C. Henderson
Mrs. Charlotte Hoerlein
Mrs. Karie Humphrey
Mrs. Linda P. Humphrey
Ms. Caralise Hunt
Mrs. Amanda Stoll
Ms. Janice McAlister
Mrs. Lisa Yohn
Mrs. Linda P. Humphrey
Mrs. Terri Cahoon
Mrs. Julie Tapscott
Mrs. Betsy Koval

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