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What Can You Find Here?

  • Philosophy Position: Information for job candidates.
  • Home: Special announcements and a summary of the philosophy program at Auburn [this page].
  • Degree Requirements: Lays out the requirements for obtaining a major or minor in philosophy. Also includes an outline of a suggested philosophy major for pre-law students.
  • Faculty & Staff Listing: Names, position, location, contact information, publications, and areas of interest.
  • AUPS: Current and past meeting schedules for the Auburn Philosophical Society.
  • Course Offerings: A sampling of courses offered by the department in the past.
  • Departmental Newsletters: What’s new in the department.
  • Philosophy Links: Links to philosophy Web sites.
  • The Kant Song: Immanuel Kant's transcendental deduction set to music!


     Jan Wojcik
  • We are very sad to report that our colleague Jan Wojcik passed away during a visit to Paris. She will be greatly missed.

  • Welcome to our new faculty members Arata Hamawaki (Harvard/Wesleyan) and Jonathan Sutton (Rutgers/SMU)!

  • Farewell to departing faculty members Samantha Corte, Darren Domsky (to Calgary), and Zena Hitz (to UMBC). We’ll miss you!

  • The spring schedule for the AU Philosophical Society is now online.

  • Check out the most recent departmental newsletter.

Department Highlights

  • A faculty of well-qualified, award-winning instructors committed to a high standard of teaching and involvement within the philosophical community.
  • One of the most active departments on campus. Faculty and invited speakers present papers at Auburn Philosophical Society meetings on a regular basis.
  • Students are involved with the local chapter of the Phi Sigma Tau honors society.
  • To encourage a high standard of writing, the department awards the Christopher Young Essay Prize in Philosophy each spring. The competition is open to any currently enrolled student.
  • Small class sizes (around 15 students) in upper division courses.
  • A special study room, the Lyceum, with computers, text books, and journals where students can meet and study.
  • A strong university tradition and student-friendly campus.

Why Study Philosophy?

Studying philosophy is exciting and challenging. It helps equip the student with tools necessary for success in any job, and for leading a thoughtful life. It confronts the student with deep and vexing questions: What can I know? What may I hope? What ought I to do? Answering these questions, or trying to answer them, develops analytical skills, and a healthy respect for both the value and the difficulty of thinking clearly.

This level of preparation reveals itself in high scores on graduate admission tests:

  • On the LSAT (Law School Aptitude Test), philosophy majors rank at or near the top among all majors (philosophy majors significantly out-perform political science majors, for example). More on a Pre-Law program in philosophy is available on our Degree Requirements page.
  • On the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test), philosophy majors do much better than any of the various business majors.
  • On the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), philosophy majors rank highest on the verbal section, among the highest on the quantitative section, and best overall.

Why Study Philosophy at Auburn?

The philosophy major at Auburn is small enough to ensure that students receive individual attention both inside and outside the classroom. The Auburn Philosophical Society provides students with frequent opportunities for interaction with the faculty and with one another. The faculty is very active in research, ranking among the best departments in the University. But this has not prevented the faculty from collecting numerous teaching awards: for example, Drs. Jolley, Penaskovic, and Watkins each have been named “Teacher of the Year” in the Humanities; Dr. Jolley has been named Alumni Professor; Dr. Davis is an inductee into the Liberal Arts Academy of Teaching and Outstanding Teachers; Dr. Cooke is the winner of an Instructional Excellence Award; and Dr. Long has been named Panhellenic Council Outstanding Professor.

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