IPA Symbols

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To enter the numeric codes, hold down the Alt key and type the code using the numeric keypad (The Num Lock light should be on)

Show vowel chart
Symbol ASCII Code Symbol Name Keystrokes Phonetic Description
i 105 Lower-case I i Close front unrounded vowel
" 034 Undotted I Shift+' Not an IPA symbol
ö 246 Barred I Alt+0246 Close central unrounded vowel
® 174 Undotted Barred I Alt+0174 Not an IPA symbol
I 073 Small Capital I Shift+i Near-close near-front unrounded vowel
e 101 Lower-case E e Close-mid front unrounded vowel
« 171 Schwa Alt+0171 Mid central vowel
130 Reversed E Alt+0130 Close-mid central unrounded vowel
E 069 Epsilon Shift+e Open-mid front unrounded vowel
Î 206 Reversed Epsilon Alt+0206 Open-mid central unrounded vowel
Ï 207 Closed Reversed Epsilon Alt+0207 Open-mid central rounded vowel
a 097 Lower-case A a Open front unrounded vowel
Π140 Turned A Alt+0140 Near-open central vowel
A 065 Cursive A Shift+a Open back unrounded vowel
 129 Turned Cursive A Alt+0129 Open back rounded vowel
Q 081 Ash Digraph Shift+q Near-open front unrounded vowel
o 111 Lower-case O o Close-mid back rounded vowel
O 079 Slashed O Shift+o Close-mid front rounded vowel
P 080 Barred O Shift+p Close-mid central rounded vowel
¿ 191 Lower-case O-E Digraph Alt+0191 Open-mid front rounded vowel
¯ 175 Small Capital O-E Digraph Alt+0175 Open front rounded vowel
 141 Open O Alt+0141 Open-mid back rounded vowel
µ 181 Turned M Alt+0181 Close back unrounded vowel
u 117 Lower-case U u Close back rounded vowel
¬ 172 Barred U Alt+0172 Close central rounded vowel
U 085 Upsilon Shift+u Near-close near-back rounded vowel
à 195 Turned V Alt+0195 Open-mid back unrounded vowel
F 070 Ram's Horns Shift+f Close-mid back unrounded vowel
y 121 Lower-case Y y Close front rounded vowel
Y 089 Small Capital Y Shift+y Near-close near-front rounded vowel

Show consonant chart
Symbol ASCII Code Symbol Name Keystrokes Phonetic Description
b 098 Lower-case B b Voiced bilabial plosive
º 186 Hooktop B Alt+0186 Voiced bilabial implosive
õ 245 Small Capital B Alt+0245 Voiced bilabial trill
B 066 Beta Shift+b Voiced bilabial fricative
c 099 Lower-case C c Voiceless palatal plosive
þ 254 Curly-tail C Alt+0254 Voiceless alveolo-palatal fricative
C 067 C Cedilla Shift+c Voiceless palatal fricative
d 100 Lower-case D d Voiced dental or alveolar plosive
ë 235 Hooktop D Alt+0235 Voiced dental or alveolar implosive
ê 234 Right-tail D Alt+0234 Voiced Retroflex plosive
D 068 Eth Shift+d Voiced dental fricative
f 102 Lower-case F f Voiceless labiodental fricative
g 103 Lower-case G g Voiced velar plosive
© 169 Hooktop G Alt+0169 Voiced velar implosive
G 071 Small Capital G Shift+g Voiced uvular plosive
ý 253 Hooktop Small Capital G Alt+0253 Voiced uvular implosive
Ä 196 Gamma Alt+0196 Voiced velar fricative
h 104 Lower-case H h Voiceless glottal fricative
ú 250 Hooktop H Alt+0250 Voiced glottal fricative
î 238 Hooked Heng Alt+0238 Simultaneous postalveolar and velar fricative
ð 240 Crossed H Alt+0240 Voiceless pharingeal fricative
ç 231 Turned H Alt+0231 Voiced labial-palatal approximant
K 075 Small Capital H Shift+k Voiceless epiglottal fricative
j 106 Lower-case J j Voiced palatal approximant
¾ 190 Dotless J Alt+0190 Not an IPA symbol
ï 239 Barred Dotless J Alt+0239 Voiced palatal plosive
Æ 198 Curly-tail J Alt+0198 Voiced palatal fricative
× 215 Hooktop Barred Dotless J Alt+0215 Voiced palatal implosive
k 107 Lower-case K k Voiceless velar plosive
l 108 Lower-case L l Voiced dental or alveolar lateral approximant
ñ 241 Right-tail L Alt+0241 Voiced retroflex lateral approximant
 194 Belted L Alt+0194 Voiceless dental or alveolar lateral fricative
L 076 L-Yogh Digraph Shift+l Voiced dental or alveolar lateral fricative
; 059 Small Capital L ; Voiced velar lateral approximant
m 109 Lower-case M m Voiced bilabial nasal
É 201 Superscript M Alt+0201  
M 077 Meng Shift+m Voiced labiodental nasal
å 229 Turned M, Right Leg Alt+0229 Voiced velar approximant
n 110 Lower-case N n Voiced dental or alveolar nasal
N 078 Eng Shift+n Voiced velar nasal
Ô 212 Superscript Eng Alt+0212  
÷ 247 Right-tail N Alt+0247 Voiced retroflex nasal
ø 248 Left-tail N (at left) Alt+0248 Voiced palatal nasal
Ë 203 Superscript Left-tail N (at left) Alt+0203  
² 178 Small Capital N Alt+0178 Voiced uvular nasal
p 112 Lower-case P p Voiceless bilabial plosive
¸ 184 Phi Alt+0184 Voiceless bilabial fricative
q 113 Lower-case Q q Voiceless uvular plosive
r 114 Lower-case R r Voiced dental or alveolar trill
R 082 Fish-hook R Shift+r Voiced dental or alveolar tap
¨ 168 Turned R Alt+0168 Voiced dental or alveolar approximant
} 125 Right-tail R Shift+] Voiced retroflex flap
ä 228 Turned Long-leg R Alt+0228 Voiced alveolar lateral flap
Ó 211 Turned R, Right Tail Alt+0211 Voiced retroflex approximant
{ 123 Small Capital R Shift+[ Voiced uvular trill
Ò 210 Inverted Small Capital R Alt+0210 Voiced uvular fricative
s 115 Lower-case S s Voiceless alveolar fricative
§ 167 Right-tail S (at left) Alt+0167 Voiceless retroflex fricative
S 083 Esh Shift+s Voiceless postalveolar fricative
t 116 Lower-case T t Voiceless dental or alveolar plosive
ÿ 255 Right-tail T Alt+0225 Voiceless retroflex plosive
T 084 Theta Shift+t Voiceless dental fricative
v 118 Lower-case V v Voiced labiodental fricative
V 086 Cursive V Shift+v Voiced labiodental approximant
w 119 Lower-case W w Voiced labial-velar approximant
ã 227 Turned W Alt+0227 Voiceless labal-velar fricative
x 120 Lower-case X x Voiceless velar fricative
X 088 Chi Shift+x Voiceless uvular fricative
´ 180 Turned Y Alt+0180 Voiced palatal lateral approximant
z 122 Lower-case Z z Voiced alveolar fricative
ü 252 Curly-tail Z Alt+0252 Voiced alveolo-palatal fricative
½ 189 Right-tail Z Alt+0189 Voiced retroflex fricative
Z 090 Ezh Shift+z Voiced postalveolar fricative
? 063 Glottal Stop Shift+/ Glottal plosive
û 251 Barred Glottal Stop Alt+0251 Epiglottal plossive
À 192 Reversed Glottal Stop Alt+1092 Voiced pharingeal fricative or approximant
¹ 185 Barred Reversed Glottal Stop Alt+0185 Voiced epiglottal fricative or approximant

Symbol ASCII Code Symbol Name Keystrokes Phonetic Description
135 Bull's Eye Alt+0135 Bilabial click
Ž 142 Pipe Alt+142 Dental click
œ 156 Double-barred Pipe Alt+156 Palatoalveolar click
146 Double Pipe Alt+0146 Alveolar lateral click
151 Exclamation Point Alt+0151 (Post)alveolar click

Diacritic and Suprasegmental Symbols
Note: These symbols are typed in after the symbols they modify
Symbol ASCII Code Symbol Name Keystrokes Phonetic Description
p' 039 Apostrophe ' Ejective
d8 056 Under-ring (o-width) 8 Voiceless
l¥ 165 Under-ring (i-width) Alt+0165 Voiceless
a* 042 Over-ring (o-width) Shift+8 Voiceless
"¡ 161 Over-ring (i-width) Alt+0161 Voiceless
s¤ 164 Subscript Wedge Alt+0164 Voiced
pH 072 Superscript H Shift+h Aspirated
e¦ 166 Subscript Right Half-ring Alt+0166 More rounded
7 055 Subscript Left Half-ring 7 Less rounded
a+ 043 Subscript Plus (o-width) Shift+= Advanced
i± 177 Subscript Plus (i-width) Alt+0177 Advanced
o= 061 Under-bar (o-width) = Retracted
i­ 173 Under-bar (i-width) Alt+0173 Retracted
e_ 095 Umlaut Shift+- Centralized
e~ 126 Over-cross Shift+` Mid-centralized
n` 096 Syllabicity Mark ` Syllabic
u9 057 Subscript Arch (o-width) 9 Non-syllabic
i» 187 Subscript Arch (i-width) Alt+0187 Non-syllabic
«Õ 213 Rhoticity Sign Alt+0213 Rhoticity
b- 045 Subscript Umlaut (o-width) - Breathy voiced
iÐ 208 Subscript Umlaut (i-width) Alt+0208 Breathy voiced
a0 048 Subscript Tilde (o-width) 0 Creaky voiced
i¼ 188 Subscript Tilde (i-width) Alt+0188 Creaky voiced
dÑ 209 Subscript Seagull Alt+0209 Linguolabial
dW 087 Superscript W Shift+w Labialized
tJ 074 Superscript J Shift+j Palatalized
tì 236 Superscript Gamma Alt+0236 Velarized
d³ 179 Superscript Reversed Glottal Stop Alt+0179 Pharingealized
d5 053 Subscript Bridge 5 Dental
s° 176 Inverted Subscript Bridge Alt+0176 Apical
n6 054 Subscript Square 6 Laminal
o) 041 Superscript tilde (o-width) Shift+0 Nasalized
"â 226 Superscript Tilde (i-width) Alt+0226 Nasalized
d< 060 Superscript N Shift+, nasal release
d: 058 Superscript L Shift+; Lateral release
p| 124 Corner Shift+\ No audible release
lò 242 Superimposed Tilde Alt+0242 Velarized or pharingealized
e3 051 Raising Sign (o-width) 3 Raised
i£ 163 Raising Sign (i-width) Alt+0163 Raised
e4 052 Lowering Sign (o-width) 4 Lowered
i¢ 162 Lowering Sign (i-width) Alt+0162 Lowered
a1 049 Advancing Sign (o-width) 1 Advanced
iÁ 193 Advancing Sign (i-width) Alt+0193 Advanced
o2 050 Retracting Sign (o-width) 2 Retracted
iª 170 Retracting Sign (i-width) Alt+0170 Retracted
tƒS 131 Top Tie Bar Alt+0131 Africate or double articulation
aÈ 200 Vertical Stroke (superior) Alt+0200 Primary stress
aÇ 199 Vertical Stroke (inferior) Alt+0199 Secondary stress
iù 249 Length Mark Alt+0249 Long
i> 062 Half-length Mark Shift+. Half-long
o( 040 Breve (o-width) Shift+9 Extra short
"á 225 Breve (i-width) Alt+0225 Extra short
¨i.Q@kt 046 Period . Syllable break
eía 237 Bottom Tie Bar Alt+0237 Linking

Tones and Word Accents
Symbol ASCII Code Symbol Name Keystrokes Phonetic Description
ma! 033 Double Acute Accent (o-width) Shift+1 Extra high level
"Ú 218 Double Acute Accent (i-width) Alt+0218 Extra high level
maˆ 136 Double Acute Accent (high o-width) ALt+0136 Extra high level
i 137 Double Acute Accent (high i-width) Alt+0137 Extra high level
ma@ 064 Acute Accent (o-width) Shift+2 High level
"Û 219 Acute Accent (i-width) Alt+0219 High level
ma 143 Acute Accent (high o-width) Alt+0143 High level
i 144 Acute Accent (high i-width) Alt+0144 High level
ma# 035 Macron (o-width) Shift+3 Mid level
"Ü 220 Macron (i-width) Alt+0220 Mid level
ma 147 Macron (high o-width) Alt+0147 Mid level
i 148 Macron (high i-width) Alt+0148 Mid level
ma$ 036 Grave Accent (o-width) Shift+4 Low level
"Ý 221 Grave Accent (i-width) Alt+0221 Low level
ma˜ 152 Grave Accent (high o-width) Alt+0152 Low level
i 153 Grave Accent (high, i-width) Alt+0153 Low level
ma% 037 Double Grave Accent (o-width) Shift+5 Extra low level
"Þ 222 Double Grave Accent (i-width) Alt+0222 Extra low level
ma 157 Double Grave Accent (high o-width) Alt+0157 Extra low level
iž 158 Double Grave Accent (high i-width) Alt+0158 Extra low level
maŠ 138 Extra-high Tone Bar Alt+0138 Extra high level
ma 145 High Tone Bar Alt+0145 High level
ma 149 Mid Tone Bar Alt+149 Mid level
maš 154 Low Tone Bar Alt+0154 Low level
maŸ 159 Extra Low Tone Bar Alt+0159 Extra low level
ma& 038 Wedge (o-width) Shift+7 Rising contour
"à 224 Wedge (i-width) Alt+0224 Rising contour
maô 244 Wedge (high o-width) Alt+0244 Rising contour
ió 243 Wedge (high i-width) Alt+0243 Rising contour
ma^ 094 Circumflex Accent (o-width) Shift+6 Falling Contour
"ß 223 Circumflex Accent (i-width) Alt+0223 Falling contour
maé 233 Circumflex Accent (high o-width) Alt+0233 Falling contour
iæ 230 Circumflex Accent (high i-width) Alt+0230 Falling contour
maè 232 Rising Tone Bar Alt+0232 Rising contour
ma 134 Falling Tone Bar Alt+0134 Falling contour
maØ 216 High-rising Tone Bar Alt+0216 High rising contour
ma 128 Low-rising Tone Bar Alt+128 Low-rising contour
ma 133 High-falling Tone Bar Alt+0133 High falling contour
maÙ 217 Low-falling Tone Bar Alt+0217 Low-falling contour
155 Down Arrow Alt+0155 Downstep
139 Up Arrow Alt+0139 Upstep
Ì 204 Upward Diagonal Arrow Alt+0204 Global rise
Í 205 Downward Diagonal Arrow Alt+0205 Global fall

Transcription delimiters
Symbol ASCII Code Symbol Name Keystrokes Phonetic Description
, 044 Comma , Not an IPA symbol
[ 091 Left Square Bracket [ Begin phonetic transcription
] 093 Right Square Bracket ] End phonetic transcription
/ 047 Forward Slash / Begin/end phonemic transcription
150 Vertical Line Alt+0150  
132 Double Vertical Line Alt+0132  
oÊe 202 Minute Space Alt+0202  
\ 092 Backward Slash \  
Ö 214 Hyphen Dash Alt+0214  

These tables are based on information obtained from the following sources:

Coded by Alfredo B. Torrejón (torreal@mail.auburn.edu)