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Students Invited to Study Abroad in Rome This Summer

The Auburn University Core Curriculum Program in Rome, Italy, offers students an opportunity to complete two core curriculum courses over five weeks in a beautiful international setting. Students will take two of the five AU core curriculum courses offered in communications, geosciences, math, and/or political science for a total of six to eight credit hours while studying in the University of Arkansas Rome Center. The UARK Rome Center, housed in the Palazzo Taverna, is located in the very center of town near Piazza Navona (centro storico). Previous knowledge of Italian language is not necessary, and the program offers 16 hours of beginning Italian language instruction to assist students in acclimating to their environment.

Program excursions may include: a day trip to Orvieto, an overnight trip to Florence, a cooking class, tour of the Colosseum and trips to many museums.

Students may choose from the following courses:

  • COMM 1000/1007 - Public Speaking (3 credits)
  • SCMH 1010/1017 - Concepts of Science (4 credits)
  • PHIL 1020/1027 - Introduction to Ethics (3 credits)
  • POLI 1050/1057 - Global Politics and Issues (3 credits)
  • ARCH 2600/2607 - The Art of Architecture, Place, and Culture (3 credits)

The application deadline is February 15. For more information and to apply, please visit the Core Curriculum Program page at

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Last Updated: January 18, 2018