Contact Information

Dr. Ellie Lee
Coordinator of Academic and Cultural Initiatives / Korea Center

Who We Are

Auburn-Keimyung Korea Center celebrated its grand opening on August 30, 2012, and the Auburn King Sejong INstitute was established in October 2013. The center is located on the Auburn University campus in Foy Hall under the Office of International Programs.

We provide students, faculty, staff and the wider Auburn community with an avenue to better understand and connect with Auburn’s growing Korean and Korean-American population through language and cultural instruction. Classes and cultural events are open to the entire community.

What We Do
  • Special lecture / workshop series
  • Academic and research programs in Korean Studies
  • Short-term faculty/student travel to Korea
  • Korea Festival
  • K-POP Party
  • Taste of Korea
  • International Café / Café Korea
  • Hangeul Day event (Korean Alphavet)
  • Calligraphy event
  • Hanbok (traditional Korean costume) fashion show
  • K-POP & Korean film classes
  • Traditional music/dance classes
  • Korean cooking classes
  • Corporate classes in Korean language and culture
  • Speech contest
  • Korean art/writing contest
  • Tutoring/buddy program
  • Korean Language and Culture Club

Course Offerings
  • Beginning Korean I & II
  • Intermediate Korean I & II
  • Advanced Korean I & II
  • TOPIK Test Prep (Beginner and Intermediate)
Scholarship Offerings
  • Fully-paid 10-day trip to Seoul to attend a hands-on cultural camp with King Sejon Institute
  • One semester (10 weeks) of Korean language study at Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea (tuition only)

Last Updated: December 01, 2017