Non-Immigrant Employment Legal Counsel

Inviting Extramural Legal Authorities to Address Issues Related to Immigration

There may be occasion when a School or College, or an individual faculty member may wish to invite a speaker to their seminar series or class to address issues related to immigration. In no way does the Office of International Programs wish to limit the ability for faculty to sponsor qualified speakers addressing academic topics. Nevertheless, faculty should be aware that extramural legal council cannot in any way indicate they represent or speak for Auburn University. A department can invite an immigration law expert to talk about immigration issues in general, but not specific to Auburn. In addition, Auburn University does not take requests from immigration lawyers to speak on campus without a sponsoring academic or administrative unit. Out of courtesy, we ask the sponsoring unit to notify the General Counsel and OIP that an immigration law expert will be speaking-- we do not require "pre-approval."

Last Updated: November 28, 2012